Keys in Fallout 3 open specific doors or containers, some of which are inaccessible otherwise. Some keys can be found in the game world, some are in the possession of non-player characters and can be pickpocketed while a few can only be retrieved if their owner has been killed.


dead  Only found if the NPC in question is dead
dial  Received through dialogue or as part of a quest; not in the NPC's normal or death inventory
(dial)  In the NPC's inventory but can also be received through dialogue or as part of a quest
sic  Name is spelled as it is in-game, even if the in-game spelling is grammatically or otherwise wrong

Base game编辑

A - F编辑

Name Opens Found / in possession of Related quest G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
Abraham Washington's Key nothing - RCAbrahamWashingtonKey 000AA54A
Agatha's Ammo Box Key Agatha's ammo box in Agatha's House Agatha's Song MS17AmmoBoxKey 0004f7c6
Allistair Tenpenny's Suite Key Door to Allistair Tenpenny's Suite in Tenpenny Tower - AllistairTenpennySuiteKey 000747d4
Anchorage Stash Key Opens the stash behind refrigerator in cellar of Anchorage War Memorial - AWMStashKey 000ac37a
Andale Basement Key Door to basement in Smith House in Andale Our Little Secret AndaleSmithBasementKey 0002e375
Andale Shed Key Door to shed behind Wilson House in Andale Our Little Secret AndaleWilsonShedKey 0001a335
AntAgonizer Lair Key The sewer grate on top of the AntAgonizer's Lair The Superhuman Gambit AntAgonizerLairKey 000a35db
Anthony Ling Inventory Key Store inventory of New Urban Apparel - AnthonyLingVendorKey 000b4217
Armory Key Rivet City Armory and the lockers within - RCArmoryKey 00080c26
Bannon's Key Store inventory of Potomac Attire - BannonVendorKey 000a1be4
Bannon's Room Key Door to Bannon's room in Rivet City - BannonRoomKey 0007cf5c
Belle Bonny's Key Store inventory of The Muddy Rudder - BelleBonnyVendorKey 00083516
Bessie Lynn's Inventory Key Store inventory of Bessie Lynn's store - BessieLynnVendorKey 00052ba5
Brass Lantern Supply Key
  • Store inventory of Brass Lantern
  • Jenny Stahl's store inventory in front of Brass Lantern
  • Jenny Stahldead (only if Leo Stahl is dead as well)
  • Leo Stahldead (only if Jenny Stahl is dead as well)
- StahlVendorKey 000b9da1
Brock's Key Footlocker in small room in the back of The Muddy Rudder - RCBrockKey 000a2824
Cantelli's Key - CantelliVendorKey 000a1be9
Cantelli's Room Key Door to Cantelli room in Rivet City - CantelliRoomKey 0007cf0a
Captain's Key Two personal footlockers on a dock southeast of the Citadel
  • On a sunken boat southeast of the Citadel
- FFWasteCaptainsKey 00051db6
Carol's Place Supply Key Supply fridge in Carol's Place - GretaVendorKey 00031947
Chryslus Building Master Key Various doors in the Chryslus Building - chryslusMasterKey 0009cfe8
Colin Moriarty's Key Cabinet in Moriarty's Saloon
  • nobody/nowhere
- MegatonColinsKey 00020751
Craterside Supply Key - MoiraBrownVendorKEY 0001ff13
Crazy Wolfgang's Supply Key - CaravanWolfgangKey 00068e8b
Crow's Supply Key - CaravanCrowKey 00068e8a
Cutter's Medical Supply Key Store inventory (2 containers) of Cutter's Clinic in Paradise Falls - CutterVendorKey 0001c2a1
Danvers' Key A footlocker in Rivet City Security - RCDanversKey 000a1bee
Dashwood's Safe Key Herbert Dashwood's safe in his room at Tenpenny Tower A Manhandled Manservant DashwwodSafeKey 000bd6b0
Dave's Special Key You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head MS14DavesKey 0002bf5a
Deathclaw Cage Key Enclave-controlled Deathclaw cages - DeathclawCageKey 000bcc4c
Diego's Key Footlocker in a room on the Midship Deck of Rivet City - RCDiegoKey 000a2828
Doc Hoff's Supply Key - CaravanDocHoffKey 00068e8d
Doctor Banfield Medical Supplies Key Store inventory of Doctor Banfield's clinic in Tenpenny Tower - DoctorBanfieldVendorKey 000b421c
Doctor Barrows' Medical Supplies Key Store inventory of The Chop Shop in Underworld - DoctorBarrowsVendorKey 000b4226
Doctor Li's Key - RCDoctorLiKey 000a1be3
Dominic's House Key nothing - DomHouseKey 000b2947
Dr. Preston's Key Store inventory of Rivet City Clinic - DoctorPrestonVendorKey 000a1bed
Dr. Preston's Room Key Door to Doctor Preston's room in Rivet City - DoctorPrestonRoomKey 0007cf5e
Driver's Key Personal footlocker inside an upturned truck between Corvega Factory and Rock Creek Caverns
  • On the ground near the truck's driving cab
- FFWaste04DriverKey 0001dd0f
Dukov's Special Key Door in Fort Constantine Launch Control Bunker You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head MS14DukovsKey 0002b8db
Durga's Supply Key Citadel Lab Armament Locker in the Citadel Lab Armory - KnightSergeantDurgaVendorKey 000b9d9d
Eclair's Cooler Key Eclair's store inventory in Little Lamplight - EclairVendorKey 0008933d
Encryption Key Encrypted terminal in Drainage Chamber near Broadcast Tower KT8 (origin of Signal Sierra Romeo)
  • On a desk in the Drainage Chamber
- RadioCache06KeyCard 00039265
Evergreen Mills Slave Pen Key The slave pen at Evergreen Mills
  • One of the raiders
  • In a locker inside the north-eastern guard house
- EvergreenMillsSlaveKey 0001b1be
Father Clifford's Key Footlocker in a room on the Midship Deck of Rivet City - RCFatherCliffordKey 000a2829
Flak and Shrapnel's Key Store inventory, cabinets and ammo boxes in Flak 'N Shrapnel's in Rivet City - FlakShrapnelVendorKey 000a1be6
Flak and Shrapnel's Room Key Door to Flak and Shrapnel's room in Rivet City - FlakShrapnelRoomKey 0007cf5d
Fort Ind. Storage Key Door to Weapons Storage in Fort Independence Lower Level
  • In a footlocker in Fort Independence Lower Level
FortIndpendenceWeaponsKey 000b2c44
Fort Independence Access OutcastBaseKey 00072c2a
Frank's Box Key A box of pulse grenades in the Robot Repair Center - Forge01FranksKey 000a4627
Front Gate Key Main gate of Republic of Dave - RDGateKey 0003178e

G - M编辑

Name Opens Found / in possession of Related quest G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
Gallo's Storage Key Gallo's Storage Closet - GalloStorageKey 00065435
Germantown Jailors Key Red's cell in the Germantown Police HQ Big Trouble in Big Town MS01JailorsKey 00044533
Gibson's Key A locked model house inside the Gibson House - GibsonHouseKey 0006ebe4
Grady's Safe Key Grady's Safe in Marigold Metro Station
  • A special Fire Hose Box titled "Grady's Fire Hose Box"
Grady's Package MS04GradysSafeKey 000c8e0b
Grayditch Dumpster Key A dumpster behind Bryan Wilks' house - MS04CaHDumpsterKey 00060931
Gun Locker Key A gun cabinet in the Museum of Technology's Planetarium
  • In a safe in the museum's Security Office
Jiggs' Loot MQ02GunKey 000c8592
Hangar Key Doors to Rivet City marketplace at night - RCHangarKey 000abeba
Hargrave's Key Two footlockers in Rivet City's Common Room - RCHargraveKey 000a282d
Harkness' Key - RCHarknessKey 000a1bec
Housekey - Billy Creel Door to Billy Creel's House in Megaton - MegatonBillyCreelHouseKey 000430d2
Housekey - Jericho Door to Jericho's House in Megaton
  • nobody/nowhere
- MegatonJerichoHouseKey 000430cb
Housekey - Lucas Simms Doors to Lucas Simms' House in Megaton - MegatonLucasSimmsHouseKey 000430cc
Housekey - Lucy West Door to Lucy West's House in Megaton - MegatonLucyWestHouseKey 000430cd
Housekey - Mister Burke Door to Mister Burke's House in Megaton
  • nobody/nowhere
- MegatonMisterBurkeHouseKey 000430ce
Housekey - Nathan and Manya Door to Nathan and Manya's House in Megaton - MegatonNathanMaynaHouseKey 000430d0
Jabsco's Key Personal footlocker, safe and storage room door in Fort Bannister - fortBanJabscoKey 000b25b4
Joe Poter's Storage Keysic Store inventory of Dot's Diner in Canterbury Commons - JoePorterVendorKey 000b9da2
John's Key Opens John's Treasure Box in the NW corner of Scrapyard John's Treasure Box FFEU16Key 00060c6d
Karl's Supply Key Store inventory of Karl's shop in Meresti Metro Station - TheFamilyKarlVendorKey 000b9d9b
Key - Brass Lantern Door nothing - MegatonBrassLanternKey 000430d1
Key - Church of Atom nothing - MegatonChurchKey 000430ca
Key - Craterside Supply Door to Craterside Supply in Megaton
  • nobody/nowhere
- MegatonCratersideSupplyKey 000430c9
Key - Custodian Key for Tech Museum A door in the Museum of Technology - MuseumTechCustodianKey01 00062072
Key Code To Data Storage Door to Vault 92 Data Storage - vault92bDataStorageKey 00093746
Key to Boutique Le Chic Inventory Store inventory of Boutique Le Chic in Tenpenny Tower - LydiaMontenegroVendorKey 00098ce6
Key to Grandma Sparkle's Fridge Grandma Sparkle's store inventory at Wilhelm's Wharf - GrandmaSparkleVendorKey 0005729f
Key to Oasis
  • Door to Oasis from Capital Wasteland
  • Door to Harold's area from Oasis
- MS10OasisMasterKey 0005c6cf
Key to Oasis Caves
  • Door from Harold's area to Damp Caves
  • Door from Oasis to Oasis Caverns
Oasis MS10CavesKey 00031eff
Key to Red's Medical Supplies Store inventory of Red's Clinic in Big Town - RedVendorKey 000b4200
Key to Tenpenny Generator Room Door to Warrington Station from Tenpenny Tower exterior (Tower "basement") Tenpenny Tower MS12Key 00022643
Knick Knack Supply Key - KnickKnackVendorKey 000b9da3
Leo's Stash Key Desk in Megaton's Water Processing Plant Leo's Drug Habit LeoStahlDrugsVendorKey 000BE3DB
LOB Enterprises CEO Key Safe in the CEO office of L.O.B. Enterprises - LOBEnterpriseCEOKey 0001cf8a
Lock and Load Supply Key Store inventory of Lock and Load in Paradise Falls - ProntoVendorKey 0001c29a
Lucky Harith's Supply Key - caravanHarithKey 00068e8c
Madame's Key Cell door, cash register and safe in Evergreen Mills Bazaar's brothel - EMillsBazBrothelKey 000ad826
Mama Dolce's Encryption Key Terminal on the upper level in the Food Distribution area in Mama Dolce's - MamaDolceKeyCard 0005ad67
Margaret Primrose's Freezer Key Store inventory of Cafe Beau Monde in Tenpenny Tower - MargaretPrimroseVendorKey 000b421e
MDPL-05 Power Station Key Fence gates to MDPL-05 Power Station
  • In a toolbox inside the fenced area
- PS05key 0001867f
Megaton Clinic Key Store inventory of Megaton Clinic - DocChurchVendorKey 0001ff14
Mei Wong's Key Footlocker in Rivet City's Common Room - RCMeiWongKey 000a282c
Metro Utility Gate Key Two doors in Farragut West Metro Station
  • In First Aid Kit in the station, near one of the doors it opens
- FriendshipFFGateKey 00054e9e
Michael Masters's Inventory Keysic Store inventory of Michael Masters' shop - MichaelMastersVendorKey 00052ba6
Mister Lopez's Key Footlocker in Rivet City's Common Room (smaller chamber) - RCMisterLopezKey 000a2830
Moriarty's Office Key Cabinet in Moriarty's Saloon in Megaton (contains Moriarty's terminal password) Following in His Footsteps MegatonMoriartyOfficeKey 00087d86
Moriarty's Saloon Supply Key Store inventory of Gob/Moriarty's Saloon in Megaton - GobVendorKey 00020479
Muddy Rudder Key nothing - MuddyRudderKey 00083514
Muddy Rudder Key Door to small room in the back of The Muddy Rudder
  • nobody/nowhere
- RCMuddyRudderKey 000a2822
Murphy's Footlocker Key Murphy's footlocker and first aid box in Northwest Seneca Station - MS09MurphysLockerKey 000c9cf7
My Megaton House Key Door to My Megaton House The Power of the Atom MegatonHouseKey 000151e4
My Tenpenny Tower Suite Key Doors to Tenpenny Tower Suite The Power of the Atom TenpennySuiteKey 0001522e

N - S编辑

Name Opens Found / in possession of Related quest G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
Ninth Circle Supply Key Store inventory of The Ninth Circle in Underworld - AhzrukhalVendorKey 00031946
Overseer's Office Key Overseer's Office in Vault 101
  • Overseer(dial)
  • In the Overseer's/Amata's apartment
Escape! Vault101OverseersKey 0002e0b4
Paradise Falls Box Key Opens slave pens and The Box in Paradise Falls Rescue from Paradise PFallsSlavePenKey 00031748
Research Dept. Safe Key Research Department safe in the Nuka-Cola Plant Just for the Taste of It MS05ResearchSafeKey 000cadd9
Ridgefield Gate Key Benson House, Gibson House, Gillian House and Zane House in Minefield - RidgefieldGateKey 0006b5b3
Rocksalt's Key Storage room, several containers in the storage room as well as a safe in Tepid Sewers - tepidRockSaltsKey 000b5c6b
Roe's Storage Key nothing - UncleRoeVendorKey 00068e88
Roosevelt Library Key Door to Roosevelt Academy's Roosevelt Library - RHSLibraryKey 00030097
Ryan Brigg's Safe Key Safe in Jury St. Tunnels (in the room where you encounter Ryan Brigg - LDJuryBossKey 000abd06
Safe Key Safe on upper level of Bethesda Ruins' Bethesda Offices East
  • Raider in the vicinity (the one with a flamer/missile launcher and skillbook)
BethRuinsSafeKey 000cb55d
Saint Monica's Key Door to Saint Monica's Church and Donation Box within - RCSaintMonicaKey 000a2826
Scavenger's Key Personal footlocker on top level of ruined barn east of Reclining Groves Resort Homes
  • Under the wrecked bus behind the barn
- ScavengerBarnKey 0004589b
Seagrave Holme's Keysic Store inventory, footlockers, cabinet and toolbox in Rivet City Supply - SeagraveHolmesKey 000a1beb
Seagrave Holme's Room Keysic Seagrave Holmes' room in Rivet City Council Seat SeagraveHolmesRoomKey 0007ce57
Sector A Encryption Key Encrypted terminal on upper level of Robot Repair Center, near exit to The Mechanist's Forge
  • In a safe near the terminal
- Forge01KeyCard 000a53e7
Shack Key Recently Built Shack in Grayditch Those! MS04ShackKey 0005f6ef
Shake's Liquor Cabinet Key Store inventory of Federalist Lounge in Tenpenny Tower - ShakesVendorKey 000b4222
Sister's Key Door to Sister's room in Rivet City and footlocker within - RCSisterKey 000a1be5
Smiling Jack Vendor Key Smiling Jack's store inventory in Evergreen Mills Bazaar - SmilingJackVendorKey 000b4204
Springvale Basement Key Door to ant tunnels in Springvale School Lower Level
  • Raider in Springvale Elementary School, topmost level
- SpringElemBossKey 00088326
Springvale Library Key Door in the back of the library in Springvale Elementary School, topmost level
  • Raider in Springvale Elementary School library
- SpringElemMinibossKey 00088328
Staley's Key
  • Store inventory and refrigerator in Gary's Galley in Rivet City
  • Refrigerator and footlockers in Staleys' room in Rivet City
- StaleyVendorKey 000a1bea
Staley's Room Key Door to Staleys' room in Rivet City - StaleyRoomKey 0007cf3c
Storage Room Key Storage Room in Evergreen Mills Foundry
  • In a desk on the top floor of the Evergreen Mills Foundry, in a room on the right side
- evergreenLootClosetKey 000aafa0
Storeroom Key Door to Storeroom in Temple of the Union - TempleUnionStoreroomKey 00035e06
Super-Duper Pharmacy Key Door to pharmacy in Super-Duper Mart
  • Inside a metal crate in Super-Duper Mart
The Wasteland Survival Guide PharmacyKey 0004bdac
Sydney's Ammo Case Key Sydney's store inventory in The Ninth Circle in Underworld
  • nobody/nowhere
- SydneyVendorKey 000b422e

T - Z编辑

Name Opens Found / in possession of Related quest G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
Ted Strayer's Key Footlocker in Rivet City's Common Room (smaller chamber) - RCTedStrayerKey 000a2831
Ted Strayer's Special Key Basement door inside the CO Quarters in Fort Constantine You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head MS14TedsKey 0002b8da
Temple of the Union Key Door to Temple of the Union - TempleUnionKey 00035e05
Tenpenny Armament Key Store inventory of Gustavo's Armory in Tenpenny Tower - ChiefGustavoVendorKey 000cae02
Tenpenny Resident's Key nothing - TenpennyResidentKey 0007cf72
The Surgeon's Key - RedRacerSurgeonsKey 000c71e2
Trinnie's Key Footlocker in small room in the back of The Muddy Rudder - RCTrinnieKey 000a2823
Underworld Outfitters Supply Key Store inventory of Underworld Outfitters - TulipVendorKey 00031945
Vance's Sword Cabinet Key Sword Cabinet in Vance's room in Meresti Metro Station - MS09VanceSwordCabinetKey 0007087b
Vault 101 Utility Key Door to room in the area where Stanley Armstrong and Andy are encountered during Escape! - CG04StanleyKey 0005688c
Vault 106 Master Key Doors to Overseer's Office in Vault 106
  • At the right of a terminal in the Lab
  • At the very bottom end of the Vault
- Vault106MasterKey 00074d55
Vera Weatherly's Key Store inventory, refrigerator and cash register in Weatherly Hotel - VeraWeatherlyVendorKey 000a1bef
Vera Weatherly's Room Key Door to Vera Weatherly's room in Weatherly Hotel - VeraWeatherlyRoomKey 0007cf64
Warhead Storage Key Door in basement of Fort Constantine Bomb Storage You Gotta Shoot 'Em in the Head LDFortCWarheadStorageKEY 0004cfda
Weapons Cache Key Jail door to Weapons Cache in Hamilton's Hideaway Galaxy News Radio MQ02LootStashKey 00071f01
William Brandice's Key Container upstairs in the Brandice House in Grayditch - WilliamBrandiceKey 0007086f
Young's Key Door to Young's room in Rivet City - RCYoungKey 000a1be8
Zimmer's Key Door to Zimmer's room in Rivet City and two footlockers within - RCZimmerKey 000a1be7

Operation: Anchorage编辑

No keys are added by Operation: Anchorage.

The Pitt编辑

Name Opens Found / in possession of Related quest G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
Ashur's Key Ashur's safe in Haven - DLC01AshurKey xx007FC1
Friday's Supply Key Friday's store inventory in The Pitt Downtown - DLC01FridayVendorKey xx00B5EB
Harris' Supply Key Harris' store inventory in The Pitt Downtown - DLC01HarrisVendorKey xx00B5EC
Power Plant Key Manhole to Underground in The Pitt's Steelyard Free Labor DLC01PowerPlantKey xx00A5F8
Slave Pen Key Slave pen door near Train Tunnel entrance Into the Pitt DLC01DCSlavePenKey xx002210

Broken Steel编辑

Name Opens Found / in possession of Related quest G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
Armory Key Door to Citadel Armory (after Citadel has been destroyed) Who Dares Wins DLC03CitadelArmoryKey xx0095c6
Fuel Stash Conatiner Keysic Crate with Flamethrower Fuel in WNW corner of Adams Air Force Base - DLC03AFBCrateKey01 xx0081e2
High Clearance Keycard Door inside Mobile Base Crawler, Launch Platform Base - DLC03MBKeyCard xx00953f
Lag-Bolt's Suitcase Key Suitcase in La Maison Beauregard (only present if related quest has started) Fatal Attraction DLC03NNSuitcaseKey xx00b965
Monastery Key Cellar door to Holy Light Monastery Holy Water DLC03WQ03MonasteryKey xx0071e6
Water Crate Key Aqua Pura crates in front of Rivet City and Jefferson Memorial - DLC03EncounterRCKey xx001d2d

Point Lookout编辑

Name Opens Found / in possession of Related quest G.E.C.K. ID Base ID
Duchess Gambit Key nothing - DLC04DuchessGambitKey xx0072f7
Marcella's Safe Key Safe in Marcella's Tent at Disaster Relief Outpost - DLC04FF02MarcellaKey xx00e301
Locker Key Locker at Boardwalk The Velvet Curtain DLC04FF05LockerKey xx005b72
Haley's Inventory Key Store inventory of Haley's Hardware - DLC04HaleyVendorKey xx010ef3
Reward Vault Key Door to reward vault in Underground Lab (door opens automatically once Calvert is dead though) A Meeting of the Minds DLC04MQ05RewardKey xx00c1c4
Panada's Inventory Key Store inventory of House of Wares - DLC04PanadaVendorKey xx010ef4
Homestead Room 1G Key Door to room 1G of the Homestead Motel
  • In the Motel Office of the Homestead Motel
- DLC04Room1GKEY xx00fcde
Homestead Room 1K Key Door to room 1K of the Homestead Motel
  • In the Motel Office of the Homestead Motel
- DLC04Room1KKEY xx00fcdf
Sea Cave Key Door to Wrecked Seatub Hearing Voices DLC04SeaCaveKey xx00a869

Mothership Zeta编辑

No keys are added by Mothership Zeta.

See also编辑

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