Fallout Shelter Online
開發商Shengqu Games
出版商Bethesda Softworks
Online game
遊戲模式Single player
平台Icon appleios iOS
Icon android Android
FalloutShelterAppleStoreLogo以下内容基於Fallout Shelter or Fallout Shelter Online,因而一些細節可能與正史相沖突。

Fallout Shelter Online is a game developed by the Chinese studio Shengqu Games and published by Bethesda Softworks, exclusive to China. It is the sequel to the mobile game Fallout Shelter. It was announced at the end of May 2019 and is currently undergoing a closed-beta limited to China.[1]


The concept and style of the game is similar to Fallout Shelter. The player still plays the role of the overseer of the vault and takes care of its prosperity, but unlike the original game, a plot and online battles were added to Fallout Shelter Online.

Residents can now only be obtained by plot tasks. Construction is not instantaneous, as in Fallout Shelter, but it takes a certain amount of time, which can be accelerated. Resources are mainly used for the development of residents. In this case, for each useful action, the superintendent receives points from the Vault experience.


The game takes place in the Commonwealth. The protagonist is the future successor to the overseer of the unknown vault.

Once, the overseer left the vault for an unknown reason, taking with him the device for distributing the resources of the vault, after which the successor, assisted by secretary Jenny, became the new overseer. The vault logged Preston Garvey and Sturges who helped improve the vault and expressed their interest to help in the search for an overseer.

The purpose of the plot is to find the overseer and help the moment-minded people to revive their combat power.






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