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永久同伴需要满足一些必要条件才能加入玩家角色的队伍。对于一些 NPC来说,有不止一种方式可以让他们加入。每个同伴必须满足的可能条件列在名字下面。他们的位置在名字旁边。

  • 叫她一起。


一旦NPC成为同伴,他们的对话菜单就会变成战术和战斗选项的列表。与辐射2不同,“战斗操控”菜单没有添加到 嗶嗶小子界面。这意味着在辐射中,操控系统最多只能算是最基本的。

狗肉没有任何操控选项。 对于人类同伴,选项如下所示:


  • 命令同伴离开团队,并返回他们在游戏世界中的原始位置。


  • 起初,这似乎没有任何作用,因为同伴最初只携带其默认武器。 但是,他们可能有更好的武器(和弹药,用于枪支),然后NPC将使用该武器。 另外,同伴可以捡起地面上发现的武器。


  • 呆在我身边。 -NPC停留在2个六边形格附近。
  • 保持适当的距离。 -NPC停留在4个六边形格附近。
  • 移动到更远的距离。-NPC停留在4-6个六边形格附近。


  • 偷窃技能:可以自由交换任何物品,因为同伴只要被招募就不会报复。 库存空间限制在150-200左右。
  • Barter: The inventory can be filled indefinitely, but to retrieve an item, one or more with an equal or greater total value must be given, as any other barter.
  • Some of the items with the "Use on" label when placed in the interface slots, when used on an NPC, will be placed in their inventory if the item lacks any applicable effect to that NPC, e.g. stimpaks will be used and will vanish, while mentats, buffout or junk will be placed in the inventory.

Companions stick with whatever armor they were wearing when recruited, thus surplus armor can be sold.


Companion Default Armor Default Weapon S.P.E.C.I.A.L. HP Notable Skills Usable Weapons
Dogmeat Leather armor Unarmed 7 7 7 2 3 10 8 50 Unarmed 91% N/A
Ian Leather jacket 10mm pistol 7 6 6 5 6 6 5 50 Small Guns 85%, Unarmed 90%, Melee Weapons 85%, Throwing 51% Unarmed weapons, knives°, all pistols, SMG
Katja Combat armor* Throwing knife 4 8 5 6 8 6 5 39 Small Guns 80%, Unarmed 120%, Melee Weapons 110%, Throwing 110% Unarmed weapons, knives°, Spear, 14mm and .223 pistols, SMG
Tycho Leather armor Shotgun 6 7 6 5 6 7 5 60 Small Guns 65%, Unarmed 80%, Melee Weapons 85%, Throwing 50% Unarmed weapons, Spear, 10mm pistol and Desert Eagle, rifles, BB guns, and shotguns

* Katja uses a leather jacket sprite, despite her armor.

° Includes Knife, Throwing knife, Combat knife, and Ripper

Temporary companions

Like permanent companions, there are a few conditions that must be met to have temporary companions recruited. A few events must unfold however. Their location is next to their names, while the requirements are listed below their names.

  • After passing one week of in-game time, the Vault Dweller must return to Shady Sands and initiate the quest Rescue Tandi from the Raiders.
  • She will automatically join once she is freed from her jail cell.
  • They will appear outside the Cathedral after talking to Nicole about infiltrating the place
  • These will appear on the maps after having scouted the northern wastes, but can be either convinced to attack the Cathedral by accessing the computer in Morpheus' room or the base, they will not go inside the Military Base, however.

Companion controls

Tandi and the aforementioned invaders have no means of control in their companion forms, similar to Dogmeat: instead of having a dialogue menu, they only yield floating text, ex. Tandi expresses her amazement of the world outside Shady Sands.


Companion Default Armor Default Weapon S.P.E.C.I.A.L. HP Notable Skills Usable Weapons
Tandi Clothing Knife 5 6 6 8 6 7 8 35 Small Guns 42%, Unarmed 101%, Melee Weapons 81%, Throwing 47% Knives, SMGs


If a companion is told to leave, they will stay at that exact point for the rest of the game. They will still engage in nearby combat, however.