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在一般意义上,輻射正史(英文名:Fallout canon)是其当前权利持有人贝塞斯达软件公司自2007年以来认为是辐射宇宙官方部分的作品集。[1]








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不存在于游戏中但仍位于其文件中的内容,例如由于未使用、错误、剪切或通过修补而删除的内容被视为非正典内容。可以根据具体情况讨论和决定例外情况。在所有情况下,如果引用了这样一段内容,则应该将其添加到文章的错误部分或标记为{{removed}} Template:Removed, {{cut}} Cut content, 或{{unused}} Template:Unused.



  • 辐射圣经 (2002): 通常被误认为是辐射经典的权威指南,圣经是黑岛工作室首页上发布的背景材料和增添余兴的集合,由Chris Avellone编译,评论来自各种开发人员。[10]
  • Joshua Sawyer的问答网站(Formspring)回应(存档在这里),Tumblr上的帖子,以及SomethingAwful.com论坛的回复(2011).
  • 辐射博客的起源 (2012): 由Scott Campbell撰写并在No Mutants Allowed上发布的网络文章,该文章详细介绍了辐射制作过程中的灵感、原因和设计决策。
  • Ferret BaudoinCHAD: A Fallout 76 Story Podcast上的访问(2020): 与辐射76的主要作者的幕后直播采访和问答环节:废土人[11]


Kilter Films即将上映的辐射电视剧是与贝塞斯达软件公司合作制作的(贝塞斯达高管Todd HowardJames Altman担任该系列的执行制片人)。然而,它与其他特许经营权,尤其是游戏的关系尚未确定。




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  2. Fallout 76: Would the Fallout bible be considered canon or not?:
    Emil Pagliarulo: "So, there's actually different versions of the Bible, too. A lot of the stuff from the Bible is on- public on the Fallout Wiki, online, and you can look at that stuff. For us, it's always... for us, canon always starts with what is in the games. And so... it's what is in Fallout 1, Fallout 2... even some of like, Fallout Tactics is- there's some stuff from canon from Fallout Tactics as well. And our Fallout games. So, we always look at what's in the games first, and then we go to the Fallout Bible and look at the stuff. So, some of the stuff that is in Fallout 3 that is now canon came from the Fallout Bible, some of that fiction. And so... it depends. We look at the Fallout Bible and some of the lore that really... was written, y'know, back in the day. It makes sense and we use that and put it in our games. We don't just assume that everything in the Bible is canon. We have to take it step-by-step inside. It's a judgement call."
  3. 3.0 3.1 Todd Howard: "For our purposes, neither Fallout Tactics nor Fallout: Brotherhood of Steel happened."
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  5. Fallout 76: Is the Atomic Shop or Creation Club considered canon?:
    Emil Pagliarulo: "Atomic Shop is a lot...we found that Atomic Shop tends to not be canon so much, it's a lot looser. Just because it's, y'know, stuff that you purchase or use Atoms get into your game that is, like... there's a big fun factor there. There's a lot of stuff in Atomic Shop that we could take out because it's not strictly Fallout canon, and then players would be bummed. Because it's in a live multiplayer game, you... it's always a judgement call, it's tough. There's a lot of stuff that's... the canon rules are a lot lighter with the Atomic Shop stuff. Because we want people to have what they want and just have fun."
  6. Ferret Baudoin - 12/16/2020 Fallout for Hope - CHAD: A Fallout 76 Story Podcast Twitch stream: "I think if you're buying it in the store, you're choosing to go outside of the game in order to customize your experience. The same way that you would getting a mod that you particularly enjoy. So I tend not to sweat that stuff. If people can rationalize it, fantastic."
  7. Fallout 76: Is the Atomic Shop or Creation Club considered canon?:
    Emil Pagliarulo: "Okay, lemme answer this. So... um, Creation Club and Atomic Shop are two very different things, first of all. Creation Club is, let's start there, Creation Club is sort of as close to canon as we can get but also sort of the lines get blurred. So, for example, the team that does the Creation Club stuff always runs fiction by me and says 'would this work? Is this canon? How close is this?' And any time there's any writing or anything that goes into Creation Club, we wanna make sure that it's, y'know, everything fits. So for example, y'know, there was a cyberpunk apartment that went in that you access in Fallout 4 that you access via Goodneighbor. And there was some notes in it, it was like a synth's apartment. So all the fiction there had to be right. It could be canon, it could be... So it's sort of like parallel to canon, almost. It's... we don't wanna limit ourselves. We don't wanna not do something completely. It's tough. Because you don't wanna not do something that would be awesome, because it might get a little close to not being canon. So, it's always a judgement call. We weigh everything."
  8. David S.J. Hodgson (via Twitter): "If memory serves, [the "Wasteland Census" section in the Fallout 3 Game Guide] is supposedly canon as I worked with “certain documents” and the guide was fully approved by Bethesda. You’d have to confirm with @DCDeacon of course. However, if you come across a discrepancy between game and guide canon, game trumps guide."
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  11. Ferret Baudoin - 12/16/2020 Fallout for Hope - CHAD: A Fallout 76 Story Podcast Twitch stream: "The primal source of lore is what you see in the games. Everything after that is varying degrees--I would say, if it's not in the games, we may use it, we may not. There's things we may fully like, 'no, this is what happened!' No, that's just headcanon for a writer. That doesn't actually exist until you see it... the funny thing is, there are things I intend that have already been re-written, but that's OK. That was never in the game. Sure, alright. You wanna change that? That's a great story; go for it! We will get inspiration from all sorts of sources, right? Who's to say what we'll take and what we won't?"


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