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Late in 2060, the U.S. military deployed their unmanned Cargobots all over Appalachia. They proved ideal for providing reconnaissance and delivering supplies in even the most hostile conditions.

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Cargobots are a type of robot encountered in Appalachia in 2102.


貨運機器人是一種全自動化的貨運無人機,僅具備單純的government aid drop貨運功能。在戰前美國國家救災部門利用這種機器人建立起了一個自動化運作的貨運網絡,可以在各種災害情況下都確保救援物資的投遞。至2102年時這個自動貨運網絡仍在運作當中,在找到戰前美國政府發放的補給要求全息磁帶後,在信號中繼塔的終端處可以方便地召喚這種機器人前來送貨。

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貨運機器人完全沒有武裝。As a cargobot's primary function is ostensibly to deliver government aid drops, 它會飛到信號中繼塔附近,自行選擇合適的場地投下補給然後離開。 Cargobots also play a vital role in the late-game activation of the nuclear missile silos hidden around Appalachia. Cargobots, when tracked during the "Hide and Seek and Destroy" repeatable quest, will spawn into the world transporting an airdrop that contains loot and a nuclear keycard; however, the cargobots can be shot down by anyone, including those who do not have the quest active. This nuclear keycard is necessary to attempt a launch at any of the three nuclear missile silos. To access this cargo, the player character must destroy the robot. When attacked, the bot will become "hostile" but unable to attack the player character. The cargobot will remain in (relative) proximity of the player character and high up in the air. Once defeated, the airdrop that the cargobot drops will have a single nuclear keycard inside. This airdrop will remain where it landed for five minutes before it self-destructs.



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Cargobots appear only in Fallout 76.

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