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本文介紹的是辐射:新维加斯裡已知地點赤红商队公司. 關於以赤红商队為名的貿易公司,參見赤紅商隊

The Crimson Caravan Company has been in business for over 130 years. We're partially responsible for the progress in the NCR.

Alice McLafferty

The Crimson Caravan Company is the New Vegas branch of the Crimson Caravan, currently under the management of Alice McLafferty.





大院里東北角有一堆營火和工作檯,隨便用,可以烤肉,製藥等等。經常可以看到有許多廢土的商人和旅行者聚攏在營火旁。 During the day, Blake can be found at the roadside "store" across from the brahmin pen.





  • 夕陽沙士星星瓶蓋在辦公室北門口的一個電台上。

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  • From the outside of the caravaneer barracks, when standing in front of the door west of the brahmin pen, the barracks appear to have an L-shape bending to the left, but when you enter, the interior L-shape bends to the right. Entering the door will also turn your compass 180 degrees, and you will be facing east instead of west, with the same reversal upon exiting. This is probably an oversight of the designers.
  • Since the Crimson Caravan Company is affiliated with the NCR, entering the compound dressed as a Legionary, Great Khan, or a Brotherhood of Steel member, or failing Don't Tread on the Bear! by siding with the Legion, will cause the guards to turn hostile and attack. Killing the guards will cause you to gain infamy with the NCR.
  • Fiends in the surrounding area outside may wander close by and possibly follow you into the compound, but are typically dispatched by the occupants.
  • 一本暴擊雜誌,在辦公室的衛生間的小隔間里。一本潛行雜誌,在宿舍的一個桌子上。


Crimson Caravan Company appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  • PC 兩個凱撒軍團的傢伙可能會出現於此。[已核实]
  • Playstation 3 Xbox 360 If the player character kills the brahmin, nobody will become hostile.[已核实]
  • Xbox 360 Sometimes you will not be able to enter the buildings restrooms, even when the doors are opened.[已核实]
  • PC Playstation 3 Xbox 360 When Bartering for caravan trading cards, game will freeze.[已核实]
  • PC The streetlights outside may burn during the day.[已核实]


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