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The Jalbert Brothers Disposal is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


The junkyard recently become a holdout of the Children of Atom, but the cult members seem to have killed themselves from radiation poisoning by worshipping the radioactive barrels. Fires still burn throughout the camp. It is now abandoned except for 7-8 mole rats.


Jalbert Brothers Disposal is a fenced-off area encompassing a few trailers and buildings, with makeshift fortifications including a sniper nest that has a commanding view to the south. A trip line in the junkyard area to the southwest will drop a grenade if not disarmed (under the forklift-looking machine with the raised car hulk). There are indoor areas - a large pre-War temporary building contains a bed. There is a radioactive barrel to the north side, and one can be irradiated while inside. The northeastern corner has a shack containing large amounts of radiation and an advanced hack computer terminal. Contained on the computer is the "Word of Atom" - a log of the fate of the Children of Atom. It also has an expert locked safe, which contains random weapons and ammunition.

Slightly to the northwest of the main site is a train car containing a number of ghouls and radioactive barrels. There is a frag mine on the bed of the train car next to a dead settler, as well as an expert locked safe and a number of food items within.



  • There is an armor workbench next to the radioactive shack on the north side.
  • There is a cooking station next to the forklift in the center.
  • There is a gun trap located near the large shack activated via trip wire.
  • There are usable, unowned beds in the trailer.


The Jalbert Brothers Disposal appears only in Fallout 4.


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