費爾法斯地鐵站 is a Metro station in the Capital Wasteland. The station is named after the ruins. Station identification signs are badly worn and are no longer readable. The mezzanine is largely intact, whereas the platform has been heavily damaged. The subway tunnels have been destroyed. Subway tracks ran east to west.

Raiders have established a presence in the station with a work area on the mezzanine and a living area on the platform. The work area has a work bench. Several defensive measures were placed strategically in the station. There are several Frag Mines near the entrance, a trip wire at the bottom of a sloping hallway activates a Grenade Bouquet, and a second trip wire placed in front of the turnstiles activates a Rigged Shotgun placed inside a ticket agent's booth on the mezzanine. Unfortunately for the Raiders, these defenses, save for the mines, have a greater chance of hurting them than the Lone Wanderer.

Notable Loot

  • A Chinese Army: Special Ops Training Manual on the rubble below the mezzanine next to the east escalator.
  • Some Sugar Bombs and Mentats in the Eatotronic 3000 directly at the entrance.
  • 3 locked boxes (two in the booth top level, one in the lit raider camp bottom level)
  • 2 first aid boxes in the booth top level

Behind the scenes

The real life counterpart of Fairfax Metro station is actually above ground.