Bedford Station is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


Bedford Station is a pre-War train switching station that once serviced the nearby quarry at Thicket Excavations[1] but has since been infested with feral ghouls. Many inoperable train cars are still present around the site.



A ruined southbound train stretches out on the N/S tracks. At the northern back-end of the train, several ghouls mill about a station. The highest level ghouls generally sit on the platform itself, conveniently near an explosive container. Further south sits a control tower, where Dutchman's body rests near the tracks; there are no signs of the assailants or the synth. The body of Helena, the runner mentioned in the terminal holotape who was supposed to meet with Dutchman, is found leaning against the water tower.

The "dead drop" mentioned in Dutchman's instructions is placed inside the blue train car to the north of the tower, within the blue barrel in the corner marked with a cache railsign.


  • 貝德福特站紀錄 - 全像卡帶在瞭望台的終端哩,反映出A9-51和荷蘭人逃離學院的追殺。
  • 卡果·韓德勒的筆記 - 在平房內地板上,靠近終端機。
  • 海倫娜的指令書 - 海倫娜的屍體上,位於水塔底部。
  • 荷蘭人的指令書 - 荷蘭人身上。
  • A railway rifle in the blue train car to the south of the tower, attached to the engine. A level 20 player character is required for it to spawn.


Bedford Station appears only in Fallout 4.


貝德福特火車站坐落於現實中的小鎮貝德福特的大致位置,當中貝德福特站 為波士頓和緬因州提供服務直到1977年。


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