While Mr. House was bringing civilization to the Vegas tribes during his takeover of Vegas, one such tribe on the outskirts of The Strip refused his offers of reform. In a building in Freeside, a young scavenger from the tribe had unearthed strange paraphernalia about people who worshipped an ancient, black-coiffed deity of considerable style and singing talent, known as "The King".

As if divinely inspired, the scavenger took on the name and appearance of The King for himself, along with a new philosophy of respect and personal freedom. His words awed the rest of the tribe, who also began to call themselves Kings and dress in a style similar to the pre-War King- denim, hair gel, and leather. The robotic dog Rex also wandered his way into Freeside, and was adopted by The King, living alongside the rest of the tribe at The King's School of Impersonation, their headquarters in Freeside.

Since those earlier days, the Kings have grown to become the dominant force of Freeside, fiercely independent from New Californian Republic or House rule. However, with the strife in the rest of the Mojave, NCR squatters have begun moving into the Kings' territory backed by the NCR, who the King sees as being a potential threat- "The devil in disguise".[1]


Kings gang members.

國王幫聲稱自由城歸他們所有。為了賺錢,貓王幫提供保鏢服務並且甚至會把你的水壺灌滿——當然是要花錢的。除了這些「服務」之外,貓王幫成員大多數遵循嚴格的騎士準則。They try to keep peace and order in the streets and do what they can to help the Freeside community. Kings members will assist in fights against any thugs or attackers that attack civilians (or the Courier), and will sometimes offer rewards to the player if his actions have helped Freeside.

By all accounts they are respected throughout Freeside, as interactions with the Followers of the Apocalypse make clear.

The missions accepted by the player will decide the Kings' future relations with all who visit the Strip. Even the New California Republic will eventually have to deal with the Kings, in one way or another.


The leader, known only as The King, is currently facing challenges, as the NCR appears to be threatening their territory. Squatters that followed the NCR east are thought by the Kings and most all Vegas outside the Strip, to be a drain on already over-taxed resources.

有些成員,比如皮瑟,與當地其他團體頻繁發生衝突。and he may have an addiction or "Heart problem" as his root cause.

駐紮此地的NCR分部忙於處理本地大小糾紛來使自由城擁有一定程度上的平靜。這些事件大多數可以通過此幫派的主要任務「G.I. Blues」來解決。 Once cleared by Pacer, The King can be approached and開啟另一個任務「Nothin' But a Hound Dog」中,要求玩家幫助貓王的狗狗雷克斯。The King always speaks well about his feelings for Pacer.


貓王幫成員裝備了.357口徑瑪格南左輪手槍10毫米衝鋒槍或者10毫米手槍。身上裝備Jailhouse RockerMemphis Kid outfitKings outfit賽喬作為特殊成員擁有一把名為菲加羅的武器。Like most grunts of minor factions, Kings gang members are absolutely no match for NCR troopers, due to their low damage per shot and lack of armor.

The Kings reside in a large building in the center of Freeside. They also run the water pump installed by Bill Ronte of the Followers of the Apocalypse. However, they have drawn the ire of the Followers as they use the pump as a way of bullying NCR civilians, as they charge them twice as much to use it.



# 幻灯片 画外音旁白 游戏中的条件
Kings end slide 01.png
随着貓王的死亡,他们的大部分成员被信使杀死,剩下的貓王幫逃离了该地区,再也没有消息。 貓王死亡。
Kings end slide 01.png
NCR胡佛大坝取得胜利之后,他们与貓王帮之间的暂时停战发展为对人民的全面救援工作。尽管NCR一再恳求自由城加入共和国,貓王帮坚定地保持了他们的独立性。 G.I.布鲁斯中缓解NCR和貓王帮的紧张关系,以外交方式完成王翼弃兵,完成NCR的结局任务找到了!
Kings end slide 01.png
因为指责貓王帮他们与NCR的新联系而撒谎,豪斯先生通过下令将他们强行驱逐来惩罚他们。 貓王帮顽抗到最后,被豪斯的保安機器人消灭得一个不剩。 G.I.布鲁斯中缓和NCR和貓王帮的紧张关系,利用你的帮助说服貓王帮在王翼弃兵中与NCR和解,完成豪斯先生的结局任务孤注一掷
Kings end slide 01.png
胡佛大坝第二次战役之后,自由城被称为该地区较为稳定的地区之一。具有讽刺意味的是,虽然那里的怨恨情绪仍然挥之不去,但NCR难民发现自由城比新維加斯的其他大部分地区更安全。 在G.I.布鲁斯中缓和NCR和貓王帮的紧张关系,通过外交方式完成王翼弃兵,完成独立新维加斯的结局任务没有神,没有主人
Kings end slide 02.png
在胡佛大坝取得胜利后,军团迅速着手摧毁所有剩余的抵抗力量,包括任何与NCR有联系的团体。在发现貓王帮与NCR的新关系后,军团士兵涌入了自由城的街道,貓王帮很快被消灭。 在G.I.布鲁斯中缓和NCR和貓王帮的紧张关系,完成凯撒军团的结局任务我来,我见,我征服
Kings end slide 01.png
当NCR忙于在胡佛大坝与军团作战时,一些貓王帮自发动手攻击自由城周围的NCR公民和士兵。 当NCR采取行动保护该地区时,他们对自由城进行了最严厉的镇压,派出一个完整的排来扫荡该地区。大多数貓王帮都被杀了,少数幸存者被赶到了废墟中。 在G.I.布鲁斯中煽动NCR和貓王帮之间的全面战争,完成NCR的结局任务找到了!
Kings end slide 01.png
在第二次胡佛大坝战役期间,一些貓王帮自发对自由城周围的NCR公民和士兵发动了几次袭击。豪斯先生对这些行为表示赞赏,认为它们是貓王帮对新维加斯忠诚的证明,并决定不理会他们。 在G.I.布鲁斯中煽动NCR和貓王帮之间的全面战争,完成豪斯先生的结局任务孤注一掷
Kings end slide 01.png
在第二次胡佛大坝战役之后,貓王帮趁机恶毒地迫使所有NCR公民离开自由城。来自共和国的旅行者很快就学会了在重视自身安全的情况下避开自由城。 在G.I.布鲁斯中煽动NCR和貓王帮之间的全面战争,完成独立新维加斯的结局任务没有神,没有主人
Kings end slide 02.png
貓王帮对NCR公民和士兵的持续攻击给他们留下了深刻的印象,军团为他们提供了被军团同化的选择。貓王帮拒绝了,并短暂地成为了军团的奴隶,但在一次逃跑失败后,他们都被处死了。 在G.I.布鲁斯中煽动NCR和貓王帮之间的全面战争,完成凯撒军团的结局任务我来,我见,我征服
Kings end slide 01.png
随着NCR采取行动以确保该地区的安全,对自由城的占领证明尤其成问题。尽管貓王帮名义上仍控制着该地区,但由于发生了许多事件,局势仍然紧张。 不要完成任务G.I.布鲁斯或通过杀死佩瑟尔来完成王翼弃兵,完成NCR的结局任务找到了!
Kings end slide 01.png
豪斯满怀胜利之情,将保安機器人派往自由城,想加强他对该地区的控制。战斗爆发时,貓王帮英勇作战,却敌不过装甲杀戮机器,被歼灭到一个不剩。 不要完成任务G.I.布鲁斯,或在G.I.布鲁斯期间缓解与NCR的紧张关系并且不完成王翼弃兵,为豪斯先生完成游戏结局任务孤注一掷。
Kings end slide 01.png
貓王帮保留了他们对自由城的控制权,虽然他们继续满足当地人的需求,但他们也容忍了NCR战败后的公民。 不要完成任务G.I.布鲁斯,或在G.I.布鲁斯期间缓解与NCR的紧张关系并且不完成王翼弃兵,完成独立新维加斯的结局任务没有神,没有主人
Kings end slide 02.png
在胡佛大坝取得胜利后,军团部队穿过了自由城。貓王帮试图反击,但大多数人都被杀了,其余的人逃到了废土。 不要完成任务G.I.布鲁斯,完成凯撒军团的结局任务我来,我见,我征服


  • Talking to a King after completing the quest Nothin' But a Hound Dog will cause the Kings to occasionally say "Hey, isn't that the King's dog?" even if you don't have Rex with you.
  • The Kings will ask you if you are looking to join the Kings, even if you're already a member.
  • A slight continuity error can occur during the ending slides. The NCR victory says that Freeside was annexed, but if tensions with the NCR were eased non-violently it is said that the Kings maintained the independence of Freeside.

Notable quotes

On occasion, members of the Kings will say some remarks due to your companion, karma, or reputation.


The Kings appear only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  • 貓王幫顯然是致敬貓王模仿者的這股風潮。
  • 他們的一些服裝也參考了貓王本身的穿著,例如Jailhouse Rocker即是來自貓王在Jailhouse RockMV所穿的。



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