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Gwinnett Brewery is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


This craft brewery was founded by local brewer Button Gwinnett, who is the name sake of the founding father[1], an important American official and the governor of the deep-southern state of Georgia during the Revolutionary War. The Gwinnett brewery was best known for the award-winning beers it bottled and produced prior to the Great War. Especially the locally famous 老南方黑啤酒, voted "Boston's Best Beer," twice; 2051 and 2062[1]. 这里還酿造了淡啤酒邦克山特酿皮博迪比尔森啤酒死红衣兵麦芽酒[2]


A broken water pipe at the bottom of the ramp from the entrance leads between the brewery and the Gwinnett restaurant. The bottom level of the brewery is inhabited by approximately five mirelurks hidden in mud piles and five egg clutches.

A small plank ramp on the southeast wall leads onto some pipes for access to the pipes and catwalks of the higher levels, and from there up to the roof. On the roof are two office pods. One can be accessed by shooting the door bar through the window. The other has an Advanced lock.




It is possible to easily access the roof directly by jumping onto the delivery semi-trailer parked in the loading dock and then to the roof.


The Gwinnett Brewery only appears in Fallout 4.


從地理位置和名稱(Gwinnett brewery)似乎致敬了現實的山繆·亞當斯啤酒釀酒廠,這是波士頓啤酒公司以美國開國元勳為名的啤酒品牌,坐落於南波士頓。



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