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How are the two most important men of my life doing?

诺拉(英文:Nora)是 2077Sanctuary Hills 的战前居民,是游戏Fallout 4 中两位可选的 player characters 之一。


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诺拉与奈特在 2077 之前结婚,他们的儿子 Shaun 出生于2077年。 诺拉在萨福克郡法学院获得了法学学位,肖恩出生以后她计划找一份法律相关的工作。

2077年10月23日早晨,时的奈特正在准备前往 Concord 退伍军营参加活动,而一位 Vault-Tec 推销员忽然造访,并告知主角一家有入住 Vault 111 的预先核准资格。

仅仅几分钟后,一则突发新闻紧急通知核武器打击即将爆发,迫使奈特,诺拉和肖恩匆忙赶往避难所,随后一颗原子弹便在附近落下,而他们的私人机器人 Mister HandyCodsworth 则被留在了 the House of Tomorrow 。进入避难所后奈特一家人和其他获得许可的居民一样,在进入避难所的主区域前,被避难所科学家以去污染化为由安置在了冷冻休眠舱。

2227 年,Conrad Kellogg 和另外两名 Institute scientist 的到来让诺拉的休眠进程暂时中断了,这三人想要掳走肖恩并将其DNA作为学院实验需要的“最纯净”资源。

如果玩家选择诺拉作为主角,那么她不得不目睹自己的丈夫奈特在试图阻止肖恩被 the Institute 掳走时,被克罗格杀害。反之如果玩家选择奈特,诺拉就会被杀害。

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War Never Changes


服装 武器 其他 物品
Casual outfit (2077)
Vault 111 jumpsuit (2287)
Wedding ring


  • If she is selected to be the Sole Survivor, then the player chooses her name, appearance, and SPECIAL stats.
    • Even if she is not picked to be the player character, it is possible to edit her appearance before finalizing whether to play her or Nate.
  • If she is selected to be the Sole Survivor, when she goes near the USS Constitution and is approached by the lookout, the lookout will mention that according to their pre-War records, her profession is a lawyer.
    • Her profession is also mentioned in the holotape "Hi honey!", given by Codsworth after the protagonist exits the Vault.
    • Her diploma can be seen on the shelf at the right of the house's main door in 2077.
  • If a follower (excluding Curie, Dogmeat, Deacon, Ada and Strong) is taken to her body in Vault 111 they will each have a unique comment on it.


Nora appears only in Fallout 4.


In the CGI intro and the Art of Fallout 4, Nora is depicted with red hair as she was based on the English actress Diana Rigg. However, her default in game appearance depicts her with dark hair.



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