Tenleytown/Friendship Station is a Metro tunnel that connects the two stations. It is also a place you must go through to get to the Galaxy News Radio station, which is through the Chevy Chase North exit in the south.

Friendship Station is to the North and is populated by a Raider, several Feral Ghouls, Radroaches, and a dead Wastelander. Up the stairs of the station platform, and directly to the east there is a Nuka-Cola Quantum sitting on a cement bench. You can exit the station to Friendship Heights from here. In the train tunnels just north of the station there is a Glowing One and a Feral Ghoul that have killed a Mercenary; beside the body is a Laser Rifle.

Tenleytown Station is to the south and has a Super Mutant, several Feral Ghouls, and Radroaches trolling around it. Up the station platform and out of the station will take you to the Chevy Chase North exit.


  • 不太容易發現的Grognak the Barbarian

  • 當你走到有「南行譚莉鎮站」標誌的地點,左面會找到幾個架子,發電機上的軍用手提箱里就有一本《說謊,國會的風格》。
  • Grognak the Barbarian: 在友誼站出口旁的辦公室內(地圖最東北方),左邊鎖拒的層架上(視線上不太好找)


  • There is a toilet trap in the men's bathroom (at map point 1). It's in the 3rd stall on the right and gives 35 Microfusion Cells if it is disarmed. To disarm, jump on the toilet's tank and look down into the tank.
  • The name of this station appeared on an advertisement for the Metro.
  • A pair of friendly Radroaches can be found in a bathroom by the entrance to Tenleytown/Friendship Station (though, they appear as red tickmarks before they're released). Once let out, they wander up and down the length of the station's metro tunnels, sometimes appearing to be mating. The tunnels' other inhabitants don't seem to bother them.


  • If you tell Dogmeat to stay in the great room west of A on the southern most wall he will disappear.
  • Up the stairs from the Tenleytown station and to the right on a pathway between the two ruined buildings you can glitch into the building on the left by walking into the first set of three windows that you come across.
  • To the very north, on the western Track, there is a spot near the rubble that you cannot move out of. The only way out is to load your last saved game. This spot is easy to get stuck in if you try and sneak around looking for the two ghouls.
  • at the exit to friendship heights, behind the gate there is a box with four railway spikes and a sensor module that can only be accessed by using the console to disable clipping

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