The Memory Den is a location within Goodneighbor in 2287.


The Memory Den is a recreational establishment, offering the use of VR through the use of memory loungers to provide clients with experiences of reliving their own lives, or the lives of others.[1] Basing on Doctor Amari's scientific acumen and Irma's business sense, the Den caters to a select kind of clientele that can not only front the caps necessary for perusing the Den's services, such as those wishing to use it for promiscuous purposes,[2] but can also cope with the trauma of reliving the past. Irma prefers not to deal with potential problems if she can avoid them wholesale, ensuring clients are either completely trusted by her, or are in desparate need of help.[3]


Upon entering, there is a large hall filled with memory loungers, some of which are in use. These loungers are used to access the past memories of the occupant. There is an entrance hall, main room, and basement. To the side of the main hall is Kent Connolly's living quarters. His room is filled with Silver Shroud memorabilia.


Notable loot

  • A copy of RobCo Fun with the Grognak & the Ruby Ruins mini-game holotape, in the basement room on a metal desk, against one of the brick walls (cannot be accessed until Dangerous Minds).
  • Irma's terminal password - On Irma's person as well as on the floor next to a dresser in her bedroom upstairs.
  • Memory Den key - In Irma's possession.
  • Feathered dress - Worn by Irma.
  • Goodbye from H2-22 - Holotape found on a table upstairs near Irma during Memory Interrupted.
  • Silver Shroud armor and silver submachine gun - Given by Kent Connolly upon bringing the Silver Shroud costume and silver submachine gun prop to him.

Related quests


  • When visiting the location before visiting the Railroad, Deacon can be found here, in one of the loungers.
  • The memory lounger chairs share a large resemblance to those featured in Vault 112 in Fallout 3.
  • If the player character enters the Memory Den before learning of Nick Valentine, one can either pass a speech check or bribe to sit in a memory lounger and learn of Nick Valentine.
  • The player character will no longer be welcome in the Memory Den if they side with the Institute, but no violence will occur unless they start it.
  • The Memory Den appears in the ending slides.
  • The bed in Kent Connolly's living quarters is not marked as owned, and so can be freely used in Survival mode by the player character (except during the Silver Shroud quest, from when the player becomes The Shroud until when Kent disappears.)


The Memory Den appears only in Fallout 4.

Behind the scenes

The Memory Den's façade and marquee are modeled after those of the Gordon's Olympia Theatre, near Boylston Street in the then-theater district of Boston, Massachusetts. The building was demolished in 1996.


  • Has platform::PCIcon pc.png Has platform::Playstation 4Icon ps4.png Has platform::Xbox OneIcon xboxone.png When taking supplies from the bottom floor, the "take" option will switch to the "steal" option for a split second. Despite this, none of the residents will try stopping you, and you will not earn any disappointment from companions.[已验证]
    • Apparently, if the above bug is activated the player will be flagged as "in combat" even though nobody in the cell is hostile. This is evidenced by the message "You cannot do this while in combat" received if the player tries to use a chair. This can prevent the player from initiating the quest "The Silver Shroud".[已验证]
  • Has platform::Playstation 4Icon ps4.png Sometimes most of the items will be marked in red and show "steal", and taking them will indeed make Amari hostile and disappoint companions. This seems to happen when loading a save inside the Den.[已验证]
    • Leaving the Memory Den and re-entering will sometimes fix this.



  1. Fallout 4 loading screens: "While chems are plentiful in Goodneighbor, there are those who claim the Memory Den offers the best high possible - the experience of reliving the past..."
  2. Neighborhood Watch: "Might stop by the Memory Den later. There was this girl, few months ago? Man oh man, wouldn't mind seein' those curves again."
    (Neighborhood Watch's dialogue)
  3. Irma: "I'm sorry. We have to be very selective, and we're just not looking for new clients now."
    The Sole Survivor: "Why not?"
    Irma: "Look, it's no secret that reliving a memory can be about having a good time, or helpful in remembering something you've forgotten or lost. But like anything worth doing in life, honey, it's got a kick to it. And the first time can be... traumatic. So I keep the client list very small. People I trust. It helps us avoid a lot of unpleasantness."
    (Irma's dialogue)

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