Memory Interrupted is a Railroad side quest in Fallout 4.







Quest stages

100 Talk to Doctor AmariThere's a Synth stranded at the Memory Den. His escape route out of there has been compromised. I need to go to Doctor Amari and tell her I've been sent to clear a path.
300 Eliminate the Gen 1sI'm helping out H2-22 again after he chose to have his memories replaced. There's a group of Gen 1 Synths at Malden Center preventing the Railroad's runners from getting H2 to safety. I have to deal with them.
350 Travel with GloryGlory has accidentally been given the same job. So the two of us are going to eliminate the Gen 1s in Malden Center. After we've done that H2-22 can be safely moved from the Memory Den.
400 Report back to DesdemonaAll of the Gen 1 Synths have been eliminated from Malden Center. H2-22 can now be moved to safety. I should report this to Desdemona back at HQ.
500Quest finishedQuest completeH2-22 has been moved from the Memory Den and is already on his road to freedom. As a bonus, Doctor Amari's operation is secure once again.
9000Quest failedQuest failed


  • 如果葛洛莉死掉,玩家可以在車站找到她的屍體。
  • 如果玩家與學院保持良好關係,合成人不會攻擊玩家。然而,葛洛莉對合成人有敵意,因此允許玩家在不殺死任何合成人的情況下完成任務。在此任務中殺死合成人不會使合成人攻擊玩家,但如果你遣返葛洛莉,就只能自己動手了。
  • If you find Doctor Amari downstairs, it may not be obvious where the holotape is. It's upstairs on a table next to the large stand up computer console.
  • 貌似可以透過清除摩頓中央站的合成人和掠奪者激活本任務,之後殺死了合成人領袖任務指標會導向鐵路總部。不過回去一樣會看到他們兩人在討論,這裡可以選擇直接向戴瑟蒙娜回報完成任務,或者繼續遵照完整的流程去找阿馬利博士,車站內的合成人會重生。
  • 如果玩家決定與葛洛莉合作,瓦倫坦漢考克迪耿壯壯都會表示喜歡; 麥奎迪和凱特則不喜歡,但如果解僱葛洛莉,凱特會表示喜歡,壯壯則不喜歡。 
  • If cleared before the quest: the synths inside will respawn. The raiders and outside synths will still be dead. The elevator down to the synth leader will be still accessible.
  • 葛洛莉在任務中雖然是必備角色(即打不死),但一旦清光裡面的合成人這個狀態就結束了,如果外頭的掠奪者沒清掉,他們仍可以殺死葛洛莉,如果她死前玩家還沒解完Emergent Behavior,那會有另外的NPC代替她的位置。


Has platform::PCPC Desdemona does not have dialogue for reporting back to her if The Molecular Level is active and the stage where a supporting faction must be chosen has been reached, making it impossible to finish this quest until one proceeds in The Molecular Level. [已验证]