"City of Lost Angels"
That crazy lightshow over the Fort, what the fuck was that, some kind of thumb of God you called down? Amazing, fucking amazing.Lee Oliver in All or Nothing, or No Gods, No Masters if you upgraded the securitron army

碉堡山(嗶嗶小子上顯示為要塞)位於科羅拉多河東岸,這裡是凱撒軍團的橋頭堡,巨大而堅固。2281年,凱撒軍團準備從這裡出發,掃蕩盤踞在胡佛大壩的NCR勢力。這裡同樣也是安裝白金晶元給賭城裡的機器保安升級的地方,貌似這個城堡直接蓋到老豪斯秘密掩體頭頂上了。Caesar himself is stationed here, along with his Praetorian guards and the bulk of the Legion's Mojave forces in preparation for the upcoming battle.



城堡入口的兩邊都是睡覺的小帳篷。稍微北面一點是一個小酒吧。中心地帶是競技場,高一點的地方是凱薩的大帳。西南是另一大片帳篷,也有個小酒吧,還有氣象站,站里就是豪斯的秘密小地堡。Standing on top of the hill near the entrance will allow a view of other tents and structures off in the distance that cannot be visited.


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軍團競技場其實就是用破鐵皮胡亂圍了一塊空地,構成所謂的「末世版羅馬大斗獸場」。你可以在這裡和奴隸們死掐,以求討好凱撒眾。 Females will be told they are not allowed to fight in the arena and will not have this option. The only exception is choosing to kill Benny (if he hadn't been dealt with at The Tops) by fighting him in the arena, as a part of the quest Render Unto Caesar.


  • When arriving at the Fort, towards the northeast there is a trench. After continuing along this trench until the end, 500 Surplus 5.56mm rounds can be found.
  • 魯帕的狗腦,在任務「獵狗而已」中用到它。需要幹掉魯帕;方法一,和狗主安東尼商量,你和狗來場單挑。方法二,霸王硬上弓,後果很嚴重。機器狗雷克斯需要它,可以+10防
  • 凱撒自己用著一個動力拳套,叫「置換拳套」,以及他的獨特頭盔和凱撒之袍。
  • 如果班尼還沒掛,也沒被你掛到十字架上,那麼他身上會有一套班尼套裝,一把定製的9mm手槍,名叫瑪利亞

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  • 當你選擇和班尼決鬥,你們兩個人手一把片刀。班尼掛了之後,屍體上會出現那把瑪利亞
  • 秘密地堡門口的衛兵口音與眾不同,別人都說「凱撒」,他說「四一撒」
  • 氣象站里有張國家科學館的海報。
  • 實際上這裡非常大,但你能去的地方很小。等高遠望,能看見周圍大片的帳篷環繞,不過去那的大門進不去。
  • 小狗魯帕的屍體在競技場里不會消失,unless her brain is removed.
  • Blood spurts out of the training dummies when attacked with a power fist.
  • There is a crucified trooper on the left upon entering the gate.
  • The Legion has a strict policy of eradicating all use of drugs and alcohol among their men. Despite this, Legion officers and troops around the camp may be seen drinking beer.
  • If everyone in the Fort is killed with Boone present, he will acknowledge the death of Caesar and will proceed with conversation about it.
  • 凱撒的一票御前護衛都用的是彈道拳套,比他們老闆用的好。
  • 凱撒房間里有一個100的鎖櫃,裡面有2000瓶蓋,如果級別夠的話還有一個高耐久的T-45動力頭盔。
  • 如果你把門口負責安檢收繳武器的警衛給殺了,那以後都不用安檢了


The Fort 僅出現在輻射:新維加斯


  • Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 If Vulpes Inculta is killed after the mark is given, and then becoming vilified by the Legion before traveling to The Fort the first time, going there will result in random resets of the reputations with other factions in the game (at least on the map).[已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 You may not regain all your weapons upon leaving the Fort, so make sure you save before you attempt to leave.[已验证]
  • Has platform::PCPC After leaving Caesar's tent, Cursor Lucullus may have completely disappeared, making it impossible to leave the fort or retrieve your equipment.[已验证]
  • This can be fixed on PC by simply using "Prid [Ref ID]" and then "Moveto player"
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 Sometimes, if you have Boone waiting outside Fortification Hill, the guard outside Caesar's tent, the dog near him and everybody inside Caesar's tent except Caesar himself will be hostile. To prevent this, you must have previously kicked Boone from your party.[已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 If you leave the Fort after having the platinum chip returned to you by Caesar, the guard will take the chip. If you return to the Lucky 38 and kill Mr. House (not sure if it matters, but the demonstration of the securitron upgrades had not be initiated), the platinum chip will be added back to your inventory. Fast traveling back to the fort will initiate the same dialogue as trying to leave with the platinum chip. Choose the option to stay and they will not confiscate any of your items, leaving you fully equipped.[已验证]
  • Has platform::Playstation 3Playstation 3 Sometimes you will be randomly killed by the guards when you walk up to the tent.[已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 Sometimes the Praetorian Guards in Caesar's tent will randomly attack even if you have the Mark of Caesar.[已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 When you try to leave the Fort by clicking on the gate, it will not trigger Cursor Lucullus to ask you if you are ready to leave.[已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 After following Benny to the Fort and choosing the option to crucify him, upon returning to the drawbridge it is possible to see two Bennys one on the cross and another standing by it, the one standing by it can be talked to and untied, if you untie him you gain good Karma.[已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 There are a great many problems with corpses in the Fort. Any Ash Piles left in the Fort will respawn their inventories upon returning, as will some Non-Ash Pile corpses. Any normally killed soldiers may also spawn alive upon returning. Non-Ash Pile corpses also have a habit of vanishing not long after you've killed them, even if you don't leave the area.[已验证]
  • Has platform::PCPC 當有隊員一起離開這裡的時候,一些特殊有名字的武器可能會在隊友那裡複製一份出來。[已验证]
  • Has platform::Playstation 3Playstation 3 Occasionally, if you have a weapon drawn when you fast travel to the fort and you disarm when asked by the guard, your hands will remain in the position that they would be in for the weapon you had drawn, even though the weapon is absent. This can be fixed by pressing the reload button, which will bring up your fists. The conditions and specifics for this glitch are unknown.[已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 Sometimes upon entering the fort after wiping them out, a powder ganger will appear at the draw bridge. He will be hostile and wll be wearing simple powder ganger armor with a stormchaser hat.[已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 If you kill everyone in the fort (not counting slaves or children) every time you re-enter, the dead bodies will respawn, dead, in the same spot you killed them but with new items on their inventories.[已验证]
  • Has platform::Playstation 3Playstation 3 The area in and around the Fort may be extremely choppy when you first arrive there.[已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 You can drop any weapons or chems you don't want confiscated if you bring up your Pip-Boy as soon as the area is loaded. The guard will confiscate your equipment after you close your Pip-Boy. Then you can pick up the gear you dropped and use it in the fort.[已验证]
  • Has platform::PCPC It is possible to fast travel with the platinum chip in your inventory by defeating Lupa in the arena during the Rex companion quest. [已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 After exiting Caesar's tent while Rex is in your party, Rex might disappear entirely, with only his icon on the map. The game will still act as if he's still following you, keeping his perk and not allowing you to replace him with a different companion. [验证逾期]
  • Has platform::PCPC Near the gate at the top of the hill, a random legionary can spawn out of bounds, presumably somewhere on the rocks that the player can't stand on. His tick marker will still appear on the compass, but you can't target him in V.A.T.S. since he is out of bounds. Upon spotting the legionary, assuming he's hostile, companions will frantically move between the areas behind and in front of the gate trying to find this legionary. If the player gives them enough time, companions can clip into the area where the legionary is, and assuming they don't die, will teleport back to the player after the legionary is dead. [验证逾期]
  • Has platform::PCPC When entering the fort for the first time with Arcade Gannon in your party, his scripted dialogue relating to For Auld Lang Syne may interrupt the dialogue with the legionary main gate guard where he asks you to disarm and relinquish banned items. If this happens, the conversation with the main gate guard won't start unless you talk to the guard yourself, and you'll get to keep your weapons and banned items. You can even draw weapons or use said items in front of the Legion without them becoming hostile. [验证逾期]


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