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You betray Cito?! You enemy now!

Cito, short for Marcosito,[1] is a wild man living in the Safari Adventure park of Nuka-World in 2287.


Cito was the son of Marcos and Imelda, two scavengers who were killed by super mutants when he was still young. His father was killed quickly but his mother escaped long enough to write a note asking the reader to look after her son before she succumbed to her injuries.[1] He wandered for a time, before coming to the Safari Adventure park at Nuka-World, and was then raised by the ghoulrillas there.

Interactions with the player character

Interactions overview

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Safari Adventure


Safari Adventure: Cito wishes to, with the Sole Survivor's aid, rid the park of the gatorclaws running loose throughout the place. He and his family will present one final obstacle before the park can be "liberated," however. The Sole Survivor can either tell him to leave, kill him or pass a Speech check to claim Safari Adventure.

Effects of player's actions

  • If The Pack is assigned to Safari Adventure, Cito will mention that the colorful clothing of The Pack makes him laugh.
  • If The Operators are assigned to Safari Adventure, Cito will explain that an Operator tried to teach him to use a terminal, but he got confused and broke it out of anger. He will also mention that he likes their shiny equipment.
  • If The Disciples are assigned to Safari Adventure, he will say he thinks they are scary.


服装 武器 其他 物品 死 亡
Wildman rags Board (level 1)
Sledgehammer (level 18)
Cito's key
Dr. McDermot journal 91W


Should the gang that gets assigned to Safari Adventure later turn against the Sole Survivor during Power Play, Cito along with his ghoulrilla family will disappear from the game.


Cito appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Nuka-World.

Behind the scenes

  • Everything about Cito, from having been raised by apes to the way he talks and dresses, is a parallel to Tarzan.
  • The Spanish "-ito" is a common diminutive that can be used as a term of affection between parent and child. This suggests that his birth name is likely Marcos, with Marcosito ("little Marcos") being a childhood nickname used by his mother.


Has platform::Xbox OneXbox One Upon meeting him and choosing not to attack via interaction, Cito will become essential and turn hostile if he is attacked by the player character. [已验证]



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