The fissure sites are locations in Appalachia in 2102.


Inactive fissure sites

Inactive sites have no ultracite ore, scorched or scorchbeasts and are merely curiosities in the landscape.

  1. Fissure site Delta - Toxic Valley - Southeast of the crashed space station.
  2. Fissure site Theta - The Forest - Halfway between Skullbone Vantage and Relay tower HN-B1-12.
  3. Fissure site Kappa - The Forest - Cuts through the road southwest of Clancy Manor.
  4. Fissure site Tau - The Forest - Southwest of Cliffwatch.

Active fissure sites

Active fissure sites have ultracite ore and are guarded by scorched. They spawn scorchbeasts. Falling into the bright part of an active fissure site causes immediate death. Dropped loot is not retrievable because it is in the fissure site.

Named sites (Names are available in the game editor, they are all just named "Fissure site" in the map.) These locations have map and compass markers:

  1. Fissure site Alpha - Cranberry Bog - Southeast of Survey camp Alpha.
  2. Fissure site Beta - Savage Divide - East of the Bailey family cabin in the far north.
  3. Fissure site Gamma - Savage Divide - Northeast of Lake Eloise in the far south
  4. Fissure site Epsilon - Cranberry Bog - South of Firebase Major.
  5. Fissure site Lambda - The Forest - Cuts through Highway 62 just west of the junction with 83-A between Bleeding Kate's Grindhouse and the miners monument
  6. Fissure site Omicron - The Mire - On a hill in a clearing west of Mosstown.
  7. Fissure site Sigma - Savage Divide - North of Hopewell Cave, west-southwest of the Pumpkin house
  8. Fissure site Omega - Ash Heap - Northwest of and very close to Striker Row, south of the AMS testing site. Movement in Striker Row can prompt a scorchbeast spawn.
  9. 裂隙地點P - Cranberry Bog - Listed in the editor as "Fissure site Zeta". South-southeast of drop site V9, northwest of Forward Station Delta, and southwest of the glassed cavern. It is flanked by three smaller unmarked fissures. This is the location where the scorchbeast queen spawns when the area is hit with a intercontinental ballistic missile. Due to this fissure and its three neighbors, there are almost always scorchbeasts in the air south of Forward Station Delta.

Unnamed sites: These also have ultracite ore and are guarded by scorched. Scorchbeasts spawn here and are frequently seen flying over them and in their vicinity. Unlike the named sites, they do not have map or compass markers.

  1. Unmarked fissure site - Cranberry Bog - Immediately southeast of Firebase LT. The rising smoke is clearly visible from Firebase LT. Movement in the firebase can cause a scorchbeast to spawn.
  2. Unmarked fissure site - Cranberry Bog - Northeast of Quarry X3. Scorchbeasts from here patrol the central Cranberry Bog, north of Watoga.
  3. Unmarked fissure site - Cranberry Bog - Northwest of Drop site V9. Scorchbeasts from here patrol the southeastern Cranberry bog.
  4. Unmarked fissure site - Cranberry Bog - North-northwest of Appalachian Antiques, just south of a monorail pylon with a monorail car at the top. The scorchbeast that spawns here frequently patrols Appalachian Antiques and other nearby locations.
  5. Unmarked fissure site - Cranberry Bog - Northeast of Ranger lookout, southeast of Creekside sundew grove. The scorchbeast from there routinely patrols those locations and the Bootlegger's shack.
  6. Unmarked fissure site - Cranberry Bog - Next to the third monorail pylon north of Pylon V-13 on the monorail line that went from there to the RobCo Research Center. The pylon is the one that has stairs to the top. Verified as a scorchbeast spawn site. Two spawned a minute or two apart.

Notable loot

  • Ultracite ore


The names of the fissure sites do not appear in game and are only marked as "fissure site." Their names come from the game editor.