Cazadores are extremely deadly, but they are also reclusive. Try looking near the Red Rock's canyons.

Red Lucy



当主角从枪口下闯过鬼门关时,该地正遭受大毒蜂的肆虐。 this outcome was predicted by McMurphy in the graphic novel All Roads, as he comments that they need to bury Chance and get out of the place before the creatures show up.

曾几何时,这里最早是个典型的当地部落。后来,这里遭受了魔鬼帮的袭击与蹂躏(根据现场遇难者的遗体推测,袭击者的首领使用喷火器)。在磕了疯狂药的袭击者的践踏下,此地生灵涂炭。While Benny wishes to avoid confrontation with the Fiends after observing an early warning sign, the Fiends are killed by the Great Khans and Benny after Chance, suffering from shellshock and drug withdrawals, charges into battle after seeing the flames and charred bodies that remind him of the Bitter Springs Massacre.

Chance, suffering from severe burns, then overdoses on Psycho after Benny recounts the story of the Singer to him and leaves the drug by his side.




  • 消防斧可以在村落内一具或几具魔鬼帮成员尸体上找到
  • 一块藏有随机战利品的中空岩石可以在村落出口左手边找到
  • The flamer used by the unnamed Fiend leader in the graphic novel was destroyed when Chance bent the nozzle back onto the man, burning him alive. This is why it cannot be found.
  • 「钱斯」之墓在一座可以俯瞰村落的山上。
  • 疯狂药和杰特可以在营火周围找到,they are remnants of the party thrown by the drugged-up Fiends following their massacre of the residents.
  • 大汗帮士兵盔甲可以在该地与魔鬼帮众尸体一同散落的大汗帮人尸体上找到, despite the fact none of the Khans died during the battle in the graphic novel.
  • 如果「莉莉奶奶」在队伍中,她会说「哦,天啊,这难道也是我干的?」
  • In All Roads, it is suggested that they go up north so they can circle east around the fiends attacking the camp, though the game map doesn't suggest such an option.




  • Icon pc Icon xbox360 Icon ps3该地的尸体或大毒蜂可能会消失,但是当玩家重新读档并再次进入此地时,这些都

可能会重新出现,甚至死去的魔鬼帮成员可能会复活(空血状态)并与大毒蜂激战。当 快速旅行到此地时,你或许可以目击到上述激战的场面。[已核实]

  • Icon pc Icon xbox360 Icon ps3 Occasionally, the burned bodies may actually be alive. They will attack the Courier on sight with only their fists as weapons (or may pick up a nearby weapon left on the dead bodies), or be in a fleeing state due to damage received by the enemies mentioned in the bug above as they can occur simultaneously. They display as having 0 HP with the Living Anatomy perk, and thus die from any hit (granting good Karma upon being killed by the Courier), but can be a threat when fast traveling to the site, particularly if the other enemies respawn as well.[已核实]
  • Icon xbox360 Icon pc Icon ps3 Fast travelling to the camp may result in witnessing a fight between cazadores, fiends, and (now alive) burned bodies.[已核实]


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