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From their headquarters in Washington DC, Hubris Comics announced today plans to bring a beloved American Icon into the Hubris Comics Universe - none other than the beloved Vault Boy Character.

—Press release





內部 编辑

傲漫出版集團構造複雜,分為印刷室、出版社和公用隧道。野蠻的食屍鬼到處作怪,里頭布滿了大量陷阱,這些陷阱的來源是一個名叫瘋狂的Johnny Wes的廢土遊民,他躲在foreman的辦公室監視著列印車間並與車間里的狂野食屍鬼進行戰鬥(另外,如果你的級別夠高並裝有資料片斷剛,你將在這裡遭遇一隻食屍鬼邪神,它在印刷車間的地面來回遊盪)。

Johnny Wes裝備了強力轉輪機槍,生命值媲美超級變種人巨獸,並有兩個自動機槍塔和一些地雷保護著他,但是,他的荒地外套是非常脆皮的,只能承受大概5到6槍的頭部攻擊,你也可以對感測器進行射擊使機槍塔轉而攻擊他,但是這並不實際,因為你必須破壞了機槍塔才有機會攻擊到他。你還可以射擊滅火器使其爆炸對他進行傷害。


在出版社有一台電腦上有一個文字小遊戲「Reign of Grelok (beta)」;




  • Grognak the Barbarian -印刷室瘋狂的Johnny Wes房間的電腦邊上,註:這本書在你和瘋狂的Johnny Wes交火後,可能會掉到地板上。
  • 量子型核口可樂 - 在瘋狂的Johnny Wes所在地區的隔離牆到工作台之間。
  • 戰前書籍 - 瘋狂的Johnny Wes對面東南角落的地圖(一個小房間),在書架上,書架下方有兩個急救包。
  • Scoped .44 Magnum in the printing room under the stairs in the northeastern corner, next to some ammo and a skeleton.


  • Dean's Electronics - 在公用事業隧道接近威廉碼頭出口上方的辦公桌。
  • 隱身小子 - 隧道中北部房間里骷髏邊上。你還可以在附近找到一把突擊步槍和一些子彈。


  • Dean's Electronics,在外面的梅森區的房子里,千萬不要錯過了。
  • 走出傲漫出版後向南走有一個房子,裡面有狙擊步槍和一些子彈以及Guns and Bullets


  • Most toilets in the building are electrified.
  • Looking through the GECK, it appears that there was a plan at one point to print out The Wasteland Survival Guide at the presses in Hubris comics, but this was removed.
  • A terminal entry at Our Lady of Hope Hospital mentions that a Richard Maynard Watson, employee of Hubris Comics, had to be admitted by some of his colleagues after one of the press machines malfunctioned, spraying hot steam and caustic chemicals into his face and hands and thereby causing severe burns and nerve damage.


  • In the foreman's office where Mad Johnny Wes is located, the door of the office merges with the set of filing cabinets against the wall, but will close normally (confirmed on PC, PS3 and Xbox).
  • If the Mad Johnny Wes' turrets are deactivated by the terminals in the foreman's office, and the printing press is activated then shut down, the turrets will turn back on and fire at the player.
  • The feral ghouls occasionally appear friendly and will not fight.
  • In the foreman's office the door can send a Nuka-Cola Quantum back behind the filing cabinets. (confirmed on Xbox 360)

Behind the scenes编辑

  • The Grelok computer game is a homage to text-based adventure games first made popular the 1980s on the Commodore 64 (among others): They were text-only parsers, where the user typed in commands to perform actions. They were extensive in scale, requiring the the user to create detailed 'pen and paper' maps. The best known were published by Infocom: The Zork series, Planetfall, and Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.  These evolved into "Multi-User Dungeon" games now known as MUDs.  
  • Mr. Moorellis is a portmanteau of the names of the famous comic book writers Alan Moore and Warren Ellis.
  • The hack writer Neptura is a reference to hack writer Marto Neptura in issue 6 of Alan Moore's comic Promethea.
  • The terminal in the reception area lists the release date for a "Drake Tungsten, Chrono-Cowboy" comic. Drake Tungsten is a reference to a host segment from the Mystery Science Theater 3000 episode "Hercules Against the Moon Men".


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