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Sutton is a location in the Forest region of Appalachia in 2102.


Examining the notes and bodies around Sutton reveals that a raider led a cult made of the desperate surviving residence. He convinced them to give over their worldly possessions before poisoning the followers in a mass poisoning at the church.[1]


Sutton is a small town located east of Flatwoods. It is the second stop in the Personal Matters quest, in which the childhood home of the Vault 76 overseer is discovered. There are three roads that run through Sutton: 3rd Street, Main Street, and one unnamed street.

3rd Street has a boarded up house with a garage, and a Red Rocket gas station with a tinker's workbench and a stash box. There is a trip wire trap next to the tinker's workbench at the Red Rocket.

Main Street has a mix of homes and businesses including a farm and feed store, bookstore, pharmacy, church, barber shop, liquor store, clothing store and delicatessen. Part of Main Street is blockaded, but can be accessed through several buildings, and has a weapons workbench and an armor workbench next to the barber shop. Up the hill, there is a raider camp overrun by Scorched and a railroad station.

The unnamed street has little to offer but open space.

There is a chemistry station in the mobile home, a second tinker's workbench in the overseer's old home, and a cooking stove outside the liquor store.


  • 監管人日記,紀錄2 - 城鎮北部的一棟藍色平房二樓。
  • 領袖的日記 - 在教堂後面房間。
  • 世界末日派對傳單 - 在城鎮最南的房子門廊內,薩頓站交界。
  • Random Vault-Tec bobbleheads:
    • In the blue house to the north on the second floor.
    • In a basement of a house, on the bottom shelf in the corner.
    • 在酒鋪(liquor store)屋頂,藏在兩個桶子後。
  • 克雷兒給媽媽的字條 - 在監管人老家對面的紅屋後院,狗屋內。
  • 核子可樂置物櫃鑰匙 - 同上,需用克雷兒箱子的鑰匙(來自瓦托加)打開。置物櫃鑰匙用於卡諾瓦核子可樂工廠
  • Shopping list - Note, sitting in a red lawn chair to the left of the trailer home, under the parasol.
  • 養生館筆記 - 在一個門前有車輛殘骸的車庫裡黃鼓上,旁邊有棟白房靠近紅火箭加油站。
  • 零件清單 - 教堂斜對面有藍色雙翼飛機的小型機庫,裡面左側櫃子上。
  • Random plans:
    • In a cubby to the left of the cash register behind the counter of the liquor store.
    • In the basement of the overseer's old house, on a metal shelf.
    • On top of a cabinet inside the same building as a wingless biplane.
  • Random magazine - On a console on a roof of a building next to the barricade. (May be between boxes.)
  • Random weapon mod - On some metal shelves next to the weapons workbench.
  • Random armor mod - On machinery to the left of the armor workbench.
  • Random recipes:
    • On a bookcase outside a trailer next to the liquor store.
    • In the kitchen of the overseer's old house at the northern end of Main Street.
  • 實彈訓練 - 全像卡帶


There are four safes in Sutton - a level 0 safe in the overseer's old house, a level 1 safe on the roof of the pharmacy and in the mobile home, and a level 2 safe on the second floor of the liquor store.


Sutton appears only in Fallout 76.



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