Education is what survives when what has been learnt has been forgotten.— Welcome sign

The Suffolk County charter school is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


杰基·哈德森校长与政府部门做了交易,政府把仍然处在试验阶段的营养代餐粉(NNAP计划)供给学生,并禁止师生食用任何外带的食物。作为交换,政府给学校投入了大量资金。从2077年10月18日开始,哈德森校长就宣布学校所有人员都要严格遵守NNAP计划的所有规定,只能吃代餐粉developed by Vault-Tec and the federal government一种食物。[1] This decision was apparently made without the consent of faculty, students, or parents.

According to a letter drafted on Mr. Davidson's terminal, 营养代餐粉计划实行几天后,学校的师生有了一些奇怪的变化,大家已经开始厌倦这种玩意了。最近因为行为不佳被叫到办公室的学生增加了,此外每个人身上都出现了淡淡的粉红色。而且和其他地方的狂尸鬼不同,这里的狂尸鬼是粉红色的。



The school grounds are inhabited by pink feral ghouls. Two main floor entrances are available: the southwest front door and the northeast back door. To the south of the school is the Murkwater construction site, which is home to a mirelurk queen.


The interior is also inhabited by pink feral ghouls, including a glowing one in the upstairs library.

The building consists of 3 levels: a main floor, an upper floor and a basement. Upon entry through the front door, the reception office and adjoined principal's office is on the right; a hole in the wall on the left leads to a restroom. Centered is a collapsed stairway to the upper floor with a hallway on either side. The left hand side hallway leads to the restrooms and a series of classrooms; the right hand hallway leads to the cafeteria (entrance initially chained from the opposite side).

The collapsed staircase can be used to reach the upper level by jumping from the railing or topmost step. The upper floor can also be accessed using an intact back staircase via the working elevator that runs between the basement and main floor. This method requires one to traverse through the classrooms off of the main floor's left hallway and then through the basement (via the hole in the cafeteria floor) due to rubble blocking direct access to the staircase.

In the basement, behind a door opened from an Expert-locked computer terminal, a mattress can be found.


  • 無人可擋第4期 - 在二樓圖書館。
  • 核融合核心 - 地下室一排發電機中最裡面那台。
  • 16盤營養醬散布在整個學校。
  • 12 Vault-Tec lunchboxes - In classrooms, desks, on the floor, or in lockers.
    • 8 can be found on the first floor.
    • 4 can be found on the second floor.
  • 隱形小子 - 在地下室一個被專家難度終端機鎖定的房間。
  • 五本逾期圖書
    • 一個在校長辦公室外頭櫃子上,旁邊有台損毀的終端機。
    • 一個在上述的隱形小子旁。
    • 一個在廚房區域被鎖住的房間內,課桌上。
    • 一個在二樓專家難度鎖住的房間。
    • 一個在二樓圖書館地上,旁邊有具穿粉紅洋裝的骷髏。
  • 三卷學校通知全像卡帶:
    • 第一卷是10月18日,在一樓校長辦公室桌上。
    • 第二卷是10月20日,在一樓餐廳區講台上。
    • 第三卷是10月22日,在二樓圖書館,上述無人可擋雜誌旁。
  • 筆記 - 二樓西南角的教室,老師桌上,門被鎖起來。

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  • In the hallway with the chained library door (second floor), there is a hole in the wall next to it. If the Sole Survivor looks through the hole, they then can activate a book return terminal. This will teleport the Sole Survivor into the room.
  • There is one computer terminal outside of the principal's office that does not seem to do anything. It boots up to a screen but does not offer any interactive options.
  • A chemistry station is upstairs in the lab, and a cooking station is behind a Novice locked door adjacent to the stage in the main cafeteria.
  • The zone will respawn but the pink ghouls won't (since they're unique), meaning on a second visit one will only have to deal with the final leveled ghoul and two radroaches.
  • Although labeled as Mr. Davidson's Terminal, the logged in user is a Henry Smith. Moreover, Mr. Davidson's Terminal is situated in Vault-Tec Regional HQ on the third floor.
  • Following the road west from the school's front doors, look north into the swampy area for a rocky outcropping with a glowing fungus and a steamer trunk next to it. Be wary, as a super mutant behemoth wanders this area.
  • A sentry bot can be found in one of five small concrete structures located to the south of the school's entrance. The sentry bot can be triggered and led to the nearby behemoth, which may result in a battle between the two.
  • Opening the door on the middle concrete structure reveals a fake wall with some graffiti that reads "YOU LOOK NICE TODAY!" This is reminiscent to the graffiti behind another fake door in Fallout 3, that reads "FUCK YOU."


The Suffolk County charter school only appears in Fallout 4.


  • 學校前面板上寫的校訓:教育就是讓那些被學過而被遺忘的事物存活下去。(Education is what survives when what has been learnt is forgotten)是引用自美國知名心理學家B.F.史金納的名言,他以引入操作條件性刺激解釋其發明的史金納箱聞名。(與遊戲中學校的故事背景相關)
  • 學校內的營養醬有可能是致敬了1985的恐怖電影異形大災難 ,裏頭黏糊糊的點心會將人們轉成殭屍。
  • 營養醬的粉紅色外表可能參考了粉紅肉渣,為經過氨消毒的瘦牛肉及其副產品。



  1. Vault Dwellers Survival Guide - Page 384: These children were lucky enough to be chosen for trials of a new food substitute paste developed by Vault-Tec in conjunction with the U.S. government. The paste was intended to provide all necessary nutrition and have a shelf life of over 100 years.