Sal's Grinders is a location in the town of Beckley in the Ash Heap region of Appalachia.


贝克利的三明治店,owned and operated by萨尔.杰弗逊 and Grace。The shop is believed to have opened at the start of 2075, 在前几个月,三明治供不应求,甚至形成了垄断。[1]

The shop specialized in 蔓越莓三明治 that were based on an "祖传秘方," of which they were trucked in from an undisclosed location in Cranberry Bog. After an undefined period of time, 萨尔的老同学查理开了“穆厄老爹的美味三明治小屋”后,that also specialized in cranberry sandwiches.[2] As time passed, 萨尔的研磨机不断亏损,查理的三明治博得了贝克利所有人的喜爱。[3]

最后连老员工格蕾丝都投靠了查理。萨尔百思不得其解,查理为何能战胜他。[4]于是跟踪了查理运送蔓越莓的卡车。随即发现的现实震惊了他-查理在用辐射污染的蔓越莓 from a radiated quarry in Cranberry Bog制作三明治,萨尔決定向公众报告这一点。[5]

After unrest reached its peak in Beckley during the automation riots, the shop was abandoned, take over the shop and relay information back to his employers.[6][7][8]


The front door of the restaurant opens to a large dining area with a service counter and two windows showing the kitchen. Going down the open hallway, there are bathrooms on the right, with a first aid box in the men's room. Across from there is an entrance to the kitchen, which has various cooking-related junk items. At the end of the hallway is a back entrance and the stairs to the next level.

The second floor has little of note besides another staircase that leads to the third floor. The first room on the left there is a small bedroom, situated next to a closet with a hole in the wall that leads to a section of the roof with an explosives crate, cooler and a "block the bot" protest sign to be looted. Back inside, there is a door connected to a terminal that opens to an office with multiple containers. Another opening in this room grants access to the connected rooftops of Beckley. The final room is a living area with a steamer trunk and Sal's personal terminal.


  • 黑羊檔案 - 後門進來香菸販賣機上,咩咩黑羊任務期間會找到。
  • 世界之巔廣告包 - 薩爾的個人終端機旁。
  • 狼給牧羊女的訊息 - 飯廳桌上,一樣任務期間會找到。
  • Potential Vault-Tec bobblehead - In the large upstairs bedroom with the trunk, on a desk next to Sal's personal terminal.
  • Potential magazine - On the ground floor, in the southern corner of the men's bathroom, on the metal shelf to the right of the sink.
  • Potential recipe - On a counter in the kitchen, next to a lunch pail.


Sal's Grinders appears only in Fallout 76.


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