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The Montana bunker is a Brotherhood of Steel bunker in Montana.


While eating their meals, Elder Owyn Lyons will speak to the Brotherhood, quoting the words of Elder Patrocolus of the Montana bunker.[1]


The Montana bunker is mentioned only by Owyn Lyons in Fallout 3, but due to missing package references, it is never heard in normal gameplay.


  1. Owyn Lyons: "Brothers, as we take our meal this day, let us reflect upon the words of Elder Patrocolus of the Montana Bunker. 'It is in service of Steel and guardianship of one's Brothers that each man finds his purpose. My friends, stand with your Brothers. Guard them... ...guide them.' And in each of them find purpose. Look around this table, my Brothers. Look into the eyes of each man and woman seated here today. Pledge in your hearts and minds, pledge by your guns that you will stand with them in battle until the end. Trust each of them with your life. And earn the trust of each in turn. Eat well, my friends."
    (Owyn Lyons' dialogue) Note: CitElderLyonsMealBlessing1
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