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Vision of the Future is a quest in the Fallout 4 add-on Vault-Tec Workshop.

Quick walkthrough

Vault-Tec Workshop quest: Vision of the Future
(Optional) Mine uranium ore
Build and Power the Phoropter Prototype
Connect a terminal to the Phoropter and select experiment parameters
Talk with the Overseer and Clem
Talk with the test subject.
Report to the Overseer
Reward: 350+ XP
Phoropter as a settlement object
Leads to: Lady Luck

Detailed walkthrough

Overseer Barstow next complains that the Hippocratic Oath is backwards and that doctors should focus on the greater good of the Vault, rather than patients' welfare. She requests you to build a phoropter prototype, which must be powered and programmed as per the previous objects.

The three parameters involved are Subliminal Messaging, Vault Monitoring, and Improved Eye Care. Most companions will hate the negative parameters and like the positive one.

There are few possible outcome for this quest

  • Choosing all three positive parameter will result in the unnamed dweller to express satisfaction and stay in the vault regardless, But overseer Barstow in the other hand will feel disappointed.
  • Choosing only one negative parameter will result in the unnamed dweller question the experiment and attempt to leave, a speech check can be used convince them to stay.
  • Choosing two or more negative parameter for the three projects, the unnamed dweller will get angry and leave the vault.

After completing the quest, the phoropter can be mass produced. It's located on the Vault tab under Resources, while on workshop mode. The stats of the device depend on the experiment option that was chosen.

  • Selecting the subliminal messaging experiment option makes the device provide 15 points of happiness for 6 units of power, at the risk of killing random non-essential settler (2% chance per day).
  • The Vault monitoring option provides 5 points of happiness for 3 units of power, and can also kill settler (1% chance per day).
  • The improved eye care option provides 10 points of happiness for 3 units of power, without any risk of death.

Quest stages

100 Build and Power the Phoropter PrototypeI've been asked to build a phoropter - an optometrist station - and conduct experiments on it. It will require a lot of radioactive material. Vault 88 was built near a uranium mine that I can use, if need be.
150 (Optional) Mine uranium ore
200 Connect a terminal to the Phoropter and select experiment parametersWith the phoropter built, I have to power it up, connect it to a terminal, and select the experimental parameters.
300 Talk with the Overseer and ClemThe phoropter is all ready to go. Once the first test subject arrives, the Overseer and I should be able to proceed with the experiment.
400 Talk with the test subjectThe phoropter test is complete and the test subject wants to speak with me.
500 Report in to the OverseerTalked with Overseer Barstow
700Quest finishedQuest Completed
9000Quest failedQuest Failed

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