We Salvatores...we will rule New Reno. If a child must die to ensure that, it will be...done. There is no other reason.Louis Salvatore

The Salvatores, the third most powerful family in New Reno, are involved in confidential dealings with the Enclave, and own Salvatore's Bar. They are headed by Louis Salvatore, who has severe respiratory problems. He is carefully guarded by Mason, his right hand man. His family also have a great deal of connections outside of New Reno as explained by the head of the Wrights should the Chosen One put an end to the crime family

Their trade agreement with the Enclave involves the family supplying the Enclave with drugs and slaves in return for powerful energy weapons, primarily laser pistols. These transactions take place well outside the city to ensure their secrecy. They also control Renesco the Rocketman. According to the Chosen One's conjectures, they have attempted to fuel a war between the Wrights and the Mordinos. They used Renesco to poison a dose of Jet, which was given to Richard Wright, hoping that the Wrights would blame the Mordinos, the suppliers of Jet. This would leave only the Bishops left for the Salvatores to eliminate.

In Fallout: New Vegas, the Salvatores are the only crime family of New Reno that is not mentioned in the game, so it is implied that they were wiped out sometime in 2241 by the Chosen One, or during the crime families various conflicts in New Reno after the events of Fallout 2.

Related quests

The three jobs the Chosen One can perform for the Salvatore family in order to become a made man are:

  • Kill Lloyd and recover stolen money: Salvatore wants Pretty Boy Lloyd found and killed for stealing his money, and for the money to be recovered and returned.
  • Collect tribute from Renesco: Salvatore wants the Chosen One to collect his tribute from Renesco.
  • Help guard Enclave transaction: Salvatore wants the Chosen One to help guard a transaction with the Enclave outside of New Reno.

They are also involved in the quest:

  • Find out who was responsible for Richard Wright's overdose

Behind the scenes

  • Tim Cain originally named the Salvatore Family "Cartucci Family".


The Salvatores appear only in Fallout 2.