Leon Von Felden was the research head of the Forced Evolutionary Virus Project at West Tek and later the Mariposa Military Base, with the highest corporate security clearance.[1]


When the Mariposa Rebellion took place, von Felden was one of the last scientists to be interrogated. He was interrogated on October 23, and halfway through the interrogation, Mariposa lost contact with the outside world.[2] He did not survive interrogation.[3]


Leon Von Felden is mentioned only in Fallout and Fallout 3.


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    I can't believe those bastards finally did it. Damn them all to Hell. They finally let the A-Bombs fly. We were right in the middle of trying to pry the real story out of von Felden when we completely lost contact. I have a feeling the research center was hit hard. I don't know why, just call it a gut feeling. It seems inconceivable that we were not targeted. I'm sure China will make up for that oversight real soon. Luckily, we had moved our families from outside into the facility the day before yesterday. We do not yet know if the fallout has reached this area."
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    I convinced the men that we should bury the scientists. I don't know why...perhaps it was to ease my conscience. I finally started to believe their stories when the last one was dying.

    My God, what have I become?"