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Dr. Mobius' glove is a unique weapon in the Fallout: New Vegas add-on Old World Blues.


在外观上differs from the regular scientist glove,它是深灰色的,并且有一个骷髅的记号。在攻击的时候,它能够产生一道类似于LAER步枪的电磁脉冲,造成名叫“疯狂!!!”的特殊效果,在30秒内降低对方5点能量武器技能和2点感知属性。如果打出致命一击,它则能附加更加强力的“疯狂科♂学家攻击”,能够将敌人震退,并使其陷入敌我不分的狂暴状态,including companions once they are fired。由于提供2倍暴击率,所以这幅手套在对付成群的敌人能够起到一定的控场作用

V.A.T.S. Special Attacks

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它可以攻击495次 from full condition before breaking.



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Scientist glove Old World Blues (add-on)21
Corrosive glove Old World Blues (add-on)21
Dr. Klein's glove Old World Blues (add-on)34
46.4-5 EW/30s
-2 ST/30s
1.36x35-1 ST/30s
-1 DT/60s
Dr. Mobius' glove Old World Blues (add-on)28
38.2-5 EW/30s
-2 PER/30s
Sterilizer glove Old World Blues (add-on)21
Note: Unarmed damage is doubled in V.A.T.S.




  • Scoring a critical hit on a companion and then dismissing them may cause the frenzy effect to initiate upon arrival of the location they were dismissed to, leading to them to attack and potentially kill nearby NPCs, should there be any.
  • When worn along with Dr. Mobius' glasses and scrubs, a challenge called "Mobius Strip" for wearing his full set of apparel is completed, earning the Courier 100 XP.
  • On the top of the glove inside the hexagon, a human skull can be seen.

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