When I came across the Mordino family way back when, they were farming peyote cacti and trying to sell it to tourists as the 'Reno experience.' Total bullshit.


Headed by Señor "Big Jesus" Mordino, the Mordinos are the most powerful family in New Reno around 2241, inhabiting the Desperado casino.


More than any other family, the Mordinos represent New Reno's status quo. Their vision for New Reno's future is the same as its present, but more so: an expansion of the Jet trade, spreading the addiction all across the wastes, with the Mordinos rising to prominence as the mightiest of the families without ever formalizing their rule or using violence to conquer other areas.

Ironically, Big Jesus Mordino has a vulnerable heart, which means that he cannot partake in the using of jet which his own family developed without suffering serious drawbacks. Lil' Jesus Mordino is the son of Big Jesus Mordino: he is a jet dealer and expert knife fighter. The Mordinos employ the irritating boy-genius Myron in the Stables. As the developers of jet, they continually attempt to refine their product, testing it on hapless slaves. They also have the Corsican brothers of the Golden Globes under their tributary protection.


The Mordinos appear only in Fallout 2.

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