Enclave Radio is a radio station run by the Enclave and broadcast from the Raven Rock mountain complex. It is hosted by President John Henry Eden and airs patriotic music, as well as President Eden's "frank discussions" and "chats" as well as "inspirational quotes". The Enclave has dispatched a number of eyebots to ensure that citizens without a radio can hear the broadcasts.

Megaton resident Nathan is revealed to be a big fan of this station and the Enclave as a whole; he is often heard humming tunes from the station's broadcasts.

This is the first station the Lone Wanderer receives after exiting Vault 101; while Galaxy News Radio's broadcast range begins just a small walk to the south of the Vault 101 entrance, the signal is too weak to be more than static, and Agatha's Station is offline until the Agatha's Song quest is completed.

A few non-player characters point out the repetitive nature of the Enclave Radio broadcast, and question whether it is a live broadcast or an old pre-War recording that's been on infinite loop for decades.

Broadcast schedule

The station plays a small handful of patriotic songs, broken up by long monologues from President Eden. One of the monologues discusses his love of baseball in detail, while another mentions his childhood pet, but all generally end with a patriotic message and his pledge that the Enclave will save America. One such monologue reveals Eden's hatred for the pre-War government, referring to them as "half-wits" who caused the Great War due to their "incompetence," while another is a vague discussion of Eden's right to be president; he says that there obviously must have been an election, but he cannot go into the details for "interests of national security," and that he will of course surrender his post when his term is up, without stating when that is.

While the Lone Wanderer is working through The Waters of Life, Enclave soldiers will begin attacking; at this point, the station messages will change to include a variety of messages from President Eden discussing how the Enclave is now "in your neighborhoods, in your lives, in your hearts" as they pursue their goals of bringing America back. One of these messages is an announcement by Colonel Autumn, speaking briefly of the purpose and methodology of the Enclave troops out in the Wastes.

This station will be taken offline if President John Henry Eden is persuaded to self-destruct, along with the Enclave base at Raven Rock, in the course of The American Dream quest.

Leaving President Eden without destroying him will prompt a new radio broadcast segment about Project Purity, and how it will soon restore America to its former glory (an oblique reference to the modified FEV virus, which Eden presumes the Lone Wanderer will inject into Project Purity to kill the populace of the Wasteland).

Finally, during the climactic assault on the Purifier in Take it Back!, Eden (if still alive) will broadcast a final message of defiance, cheering on the Enclave defense against the Brotherhood of Steel assault and loudly declaring, "No one, NO ONE will take this great nation away from me!" This message will loop continuously until the end of the game.

If Enclave Radio is no longer on the air, at least some of the residents of Rivet City will discuss this and will associate it with a big explosion on the horizon to the North West.


  • "And now, one of my inspirational quotes. From the mouth of your President, John Henry Eden, straight to your heart."
  • "This is President Eden, and you're listening to Enclave Radio -- the Voice of America."
  • "I'm President John Henry Eden and you're listening to Enclave Radio -- the voice of warmth and reason in this cold, unreasonable world."
  • "You're listening to Enclave Radio. I'm John Henry Eden, President of the Enclave, President of America, President... of your heart."
  • "This is Enclave Radio, with your host -- me! President John Henry Eden."
  • "Hello, my beautiful America. This is President Eden, and it's time we had a talk."
  • "Hello again, America the magnificent. This is President Eden, and I was hoping we could talk."
  • "Sweet America. Hello again. This is President Eden, and I'd like to have a chat."
  • "Greetings, dearest America. This is your President, John Henry Eden. Let's chat, shall we?"
  • "Greetings again, sweet America. This is President John Henry Eden, and I'd like to chat, if you've got a moment."
  • "Hello again, America. This is John Henry Eden, your President. There are some things we should talk about, if that's all right."


  • "Reflect upon all I have said, my America. Reflect and wait. For soon this great nation will be reborn, and the Enclave will be its salvation."
  • "And now, dearest America, we must say farewell. For there is much work to be done, and the Enclave never rests. Never."
  • "But for now, my America, we must part. Restoring the greatest country in the world to its former glory, well *Chuckles*, well, *Chuckles*, well... That takes time, even for the Enclave."
  • "So remember, America. The Enclave is working around the clock to return this country to greatness. All you need is a little patience, a little faith."
  • "We've got to part now, you and I, but don't be sad, America. The Enclave is working tirelessly to rebuild this great nation, so you don't have to."
  • "Until next time, this is President Eden, signing off."
  • "Until we meet again, this is President Eden, signing off."
  • "Until next time, this is John Henry Eden, signing off "
  • "Until we meet again, this is John Henry Eden, signing off."
  • "Until next time, this is your President, John Henry Eden, signing off."
  • "Until we meet again, this is your President, John Henry Eden, signing off."

Inspirational quotes

Speeches of John Henry Eden

Speech 1 - 棒球


Speech 2 - 重建首都廢土


Speech 3 - 我的总统职务


Speech 4 - 讓我们清点一下


Speech 5 - 废土的孤儿


Speech 6 - 我们来谈谈政府吧


Speech 7 - 水,隨處可得的水


Speech 8 - 上校的回歸

英克雷回来了,美国!不,不仅是在你的电台上。现在英克雷的小队正在废土上巡逻!这些精良的士兵们,在坚定的奧古斯特·奧特姆上校的指挥下,任务是:恢复美国的和平和秩序。But let's hear from the man himself, shall we? America, I give you - Colonel Augustus Autumn!



Speech 9 – 我们在战争

We stand now, at the precipice.我们伟大的国家又一次面临着崩溃的危险,在被无法无天和绝望统治了200多年后再一次面临威胁。简而言之,我亲爱的美国——我们在战争。就在我说话的同时,无畏的英克雷士兵正在誓死保卫伟大的净水器,抵抗着不可避免的袭击。钢铁兄弟会,傲慢地宣称净水工程是他们的!他们要偷走英克雷的努力,偷走美国的水!叛乱者们很快就要向净水器进军,企图用武力攻陷它。让他们来吧!叛变者的狂潮终将倒在英克雷用血肉筑成的长城下!钢铁兄弟会终将失败!一切反动派终将失败!美国总统约翰·亨利·伊登,在此庄严宣誓——没有人,*没有人*能吧这个伟大的国家夺走!上帝保佑英克雷!上帝保佑美国!


In Fallout 4, the Settlement Recruitment Beacon has the same playlist as Enclave Radio, except for John Henry Eden's "chats".

Behind the scenes

President John Henry Eden's discussions are loosely based upon the "Fireside Chats" broadcasted by President Roosevelt during the Great Depression. Much like the Enclave Radio, these promise reform, change, and ask the people for support.

The song Stars and Stripes Forever is played with president Eden talking over it, in an identical manner to a scene in the film A Boy and His Dog.

One of John Henry Eden's thoughts on the Enclave radio is reminiscent of another computer game that Malcolm McDowell, the voice of Eden, acted in. The thought is "The price of freedom is eternal vigilance", originally a well known quote by Thomas Jefferson, which is also McDowell's climactic line in the final sequences of the game Wing Commander IV: The Price Of Freedom. McDowell's role is that of Admiral Tolwyn, a power-crazy military commander whose goals and methods are very much similar to those of John Henry Eden in Fallout 3.


Has platform::PCPC With the Broken Steel add-on, the station will be offline after Take it Back! has been completed even if the player did not persuade John Henry Eden to destroy Raven Rock. Once Who Dares Wins is completed, however, the radio station may appear again. All it broadcasts is "We stand now, at the precipice." This glitch may also occur as soon as the player leaves Raven Rock, regardless of whether any add-ons had been purchased. It will loop the message "We stand now, at the precipice." [已验证]



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