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Isaac is a Gun Runner at the Gun Runner Headquarters in 2281.



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服飾 武器 其他道具 死後身上
Merc grunt outfit
Roving trader hat
Plasma pistol - -


  • 艾萨克的小屋就在军火贩子贩售窗口的正东方。directly south of the New Vegas medical clinic, and across the street from the Hostetler home. Entering the house will result in a Karma penalty, and he threatens the Courier to leave. However, dialogue can still be initiated with him after this.
  • On rare occasions, Isaac may be killed by randomly spawning Fiends that may appear in the area near the Gun Runners' factory, or nearby his house to the east (spawns at night).
  • 艾萨克一直戴着帽子是因为他其实是个秃子。
  • It's interesting to note that although he works and backs the Gun Runners, he is usually found wielding a one-handed plasma weapon, such as a plasma pistol.




Icon pc Icon ps3 Icon xbox360 After Isaac enters his home, he may not exit it again. [已核实]

  • To fix this bug, go into his home at night. When he tells you to leave, do so, and wait outside his home till daylight. At this point, Isaac should begin traveling to Gun Runners again.
  • Another way to solve the bug, is to simply enter his house at any time. Sometimes just the action of entering his house can result in him immediately leaving with no talking needed.


  1. "The Courier: So you work for the Gun Runners?
    Isaac: For around five years now. I handle the supply ends of things - raw materials and stuff.
    " – In-game dialogue
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