Daddy, please stop! Don't you understand, I can't tell you. Why are you doing this to me?

Amata Almodovar is a resident of Vault 101. Born in 2258, she is younger than her friend, the Lone Wanderer. Amata is the only child of Overseer Alphonse Almodovar and the only childhood friend of the Lone Wanderer.


艾瑪塔是監督的女兒,在她兩歲時她的母親就過世了。艾瑪塔很愛她父親也很聽她父親的話,, but she hopes to change his stance on isolationism. 她沒想過違抗她父親但渴望去外面的世界闖蕩一番。艾瑪塔和獨行者從小就是最好的玩伴,經常玩在一起,但這兩位的共通點就是不知道自己的母親長什麼樣子。[1]





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  • 快速成長:在2268年的7月13日,當時當時才9歲的艾瑪塔會參與主角10歲的生日趴,透過對話她會給你一本能增加近戰武器技能的漫畫書(第14期野蠻人古古那)。
  • 未來的影響:在2274年的8月3日,當獨行者準備進教室做代號山羊的職業性向測驗時,就會看到艾瑪塔被穴蛇幫的流氓給困住。你可以幫艾瑪塔或是放著不管。
  • 逃離避難所:艾瑪塔喚醒獨行者告訴其父親跑了還有強納斯被殺的消息,之後她會給玩家一把10釐米手槍幫助獨行者逃跑。[3]在任務後段會看到麥克警官和監督在審問她,[4]如果你當初不收下她給你的手槍她就會開槍打死麥克警官然後跑到別的房間。 It is possible to intervene before she kills Officer Mack, in which case she will express her gratitude when next spoken to, saying she does not know what she might have done.
  • 家園有難:在完成生命之泉之後無線電的選項就會新增由她所發出101避難求救訊號。她會給你101大門的密碼,[5]進去之後找她她會求你阻止監督。


  • 艾瑪塔的命運:如果在家園有難 中破壞掉101避難所的淨水器,不久後在首都荒原的某處就會看到艾瑪塔被英克雷的軍官詢問101避難所的位置,她會告訴101避難所的位置。隨後就會被英克雷小隊射殺。即使你成功救了她,她會拒絕跟玩家對話並說出這句話。"離我遠一點!這全都是你的錯!!


Fallout 3编辑

服飾 武器 其他道具
Pip-Boy 3000
Vault 101 jumpsuit
10mm pistol* -
* Only if she was told to keep the pistol during "Escape!"
服飾 武器 其他道具 死後身上
- Lone Wanderer {{{otheritem}}} {{{ondeath}}}


  • Amata appears floating face down during the hallucination that occurs while intoxicated with punga plant seeds in the Point Lookout add-on.
  • Amata appears running down the hall towards the player character during a hallucination inside Vault 106. Firing on her figure will result in a Karma loss.
  • When the Lone Wanderer leaves Vault 101 for the first time, Amata (if she no longer has the pistol) might be knocked out by any remaining guards. However, if Amata kept the pistol, she will fire upon and kill the hostile guards.
  • She, along with Owyn Lyons and Sarah Lyons, is one of three characters in the game to have "Very Good" Karma.
  • Completing Trouble on the Homefront by sabotaging the vault and telling Amata about it will make her hostile when attempted to be spoken to again.
  • If she is told to keep the gun at the beginning of Escape!, Amata will not return it once she meets the Lone Wanderer at the vault door if the same type of gun is obtained from the vault guards.

Notable quotes编辑


Amata Almodovar appears in Fallout 3 and in Fallout Shelter.

In the Bethesda's E3 conference, during the gameplay trailer of Fallout 76, the player character teams up with one of the players, whose nickname is "AAlmadovar", which refers to Amata Almodovar.

Behind the scenes编辑

Completing the Trouble on the Homefront quest by killing the vault overseer and convincing her it was the only option will have her saying, "I'm sorry. You're a hero... and you have to leave." This is an homage to the original Fallout at the end of which Jacoren says the same line. (Certain dialogue choices may avoid this line.)



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