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On October 23, 2077, the world was plunged into nuclear war. But what if you expected the worst? And planned for it? In Appalachia, a group of doomsday preppers did exactly that. Organized as the Free States, they holed up in their bunkers. And survived. At least, for a while…


The Appalachian Free States, or simply the Free States, are an extinct faction which had operated in Appalachia sometime before 2102.


In the years before the Great War, the Appalachian Free States movement formed in West Virginia as a group of local survivalists with separatist overtones. They were staunchly championed by controversial U.S. Senator Sam Blackwell, even as they came into increasingly violent conflict with local law enforcement.[2] Many people viewed the Free States as "tinfoil hats" obsessed with conspiracy theories about the government.[3] The Free States declared they were seceding from the United States shortly before the Great War.[4]

Many members of the Free States survived the nuclear bombs and fallout in self-constructed concrete bunkers.[5] By 2079, they had emerged from their bunkers a little less than two years after the bombs fell. After exiting they started rebuilding the town of Harpers Ferry,[3] though they were surprised to find the local region, which would come to be known as the Mire, plagued by clouds of radiation and heavily mutated wildlife and vegetation.[6] The Free States established tentative ties over the following years with other emerging factions, such as the Responders and the Brotherhood of Steel, but were skeptical of outsiders and careful to maintain their isolation in order to preserve their supply stockpiles.[6]

Sometime before 2102, the Free States were attacked and overwhelmed by the Scorched at Harpers Ferry, and were forced to abandon the town. They began researching countermeasures against the Scorched and Scorchbeasts, but were wiped out before they made any significant headway.[6]

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  • 鄧肯·麥坎
  • 肯蒂兒·西姆
  • 特倫斯·昆斯
  • 安妮·加西亞
  • 賈桂琳·墨菲 (死在被洗劫地堡東北方,帶走硬球)
  • 柯特妮·凱莉
  • 傑克森·雷克


  • 艾迪·海斯
  • 杰德·克拉瑪
  • 藍迪·卡拉威 - 參加兄弟會訓練
  • 卡莉·歐萊利
  • 史考特·威瑪
  • 洛妮·克拉瑪
  • 查理·沃克
  • 傑斯
  • 唐納
  • 雪倫
  • 漢斯
  • 賴瑞·科史塔
  • 米蘭達·瓦克斯
  • 肯蒂兒
  • 奎德·希爾頓
  • 泰瑞·李
  • 碧嘉·梅森
  • 戴莉亞·韋伯
  • 赫蘇斯·桑戴 - 參加兄弟會訓練
  • 橫迪亞哥·桑戴 - 參加兄弟會訓練
  • 提拉·范布倫
  • 卡珊德啦·羅勃茲
  • 查理斯·薩頓(?) - 參加兄弟會訓練
  • 雅各·勒納 - 派往谷地商場。
  • 賽德里克 - 派往阿克托斯製藥公司。
  • 唐尼(?)
  • 查爾斯·歐文·沃克
  • 薇薇·史坦尼克 - 前往瓦托加收集戰利品。


  • 卡列伯·卡森
  • 伊莉莎白·卡森
  • 瑪德蓮·卡森
  • 麥斯·卡森


The Free States appear in Fallout 76.



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