"Metallic Monks"
People in Freeside generally fall into one of two categories. Those who've been here all their lives call themselves Locals. They're both right to some extent, and violent outbreaks between the two are all too common these days. The Locals blame the Squatters for the scarcity of resources in Freeside, and the Squatters blame any act of violence against them on the Locals. When people from the NCR and other places started pouring in, the Locals began referring to them as Squatters, and the name stuck.Rotface

自由城,也就是賭城的外城,是新維加斯的主要貧民窟,卻不被豪斯先生所掌控的地區。這裡是由貓王幫范·格拉夫家族控制(保護),街道很危險,缺乏賭城大道的光鮮亮麗。There is a conflict between the locals and squatters that followed the NCR to the area.


Freeside was built up around the intersection of Fremont Street and Las Vegas Boulevard. The influx of destitute travelers in recent months has created problems for its local residents.Fallout: New Vegas loading screen

Las Vegas wasn't heavily damaged during the Great War, but people didn't immediately settle into the remnants of the old city. The various Vault tribes and indigenous people that emerged years later hunted and fought amongst themselves within the ruins. It was not until the "return" of Mr. House and his Securitron enforcers that they ceased most of their open hostilities.

Mr. House's robots directed the tribes to use the sizable quantities of pre-War construction materials to build the crude (but effective) outer walls that separate The Strip and Freeside from the rest of New Vegas.

While House valued the area around Fremont Street, he ultimately viewed it as secondary in importance to the Strip itself and had a second, inner wall built that separated the two areas. When the NCR prospectors (and eventually the army) arrived in the region, people typically went straight for The Strip, leaving "Freeside" (as it had become known by locals) as an informal stopping point. Eventually, Mr. House recognized that he could use Freeside as a filter for undesirables and pulled his favored tribes and all Securitrons into the Strip, leaving Freeside to fend for itself.

In the two years that followed, Freeside slowly degenerated into a hostile, lawless den of ne'er-do-wells. For a while, it was completely without order, but two power groups managed to come to an understanding about how the area needed to be maintained. The Kings prevent all-out-chaos from erupting, but do little to deal with the day-to-day nastiness that Freesiders inflict on each other. The Followers of the Apocalypse, no longer associated with the NCR, settled in the Old Mormon Fort. They receive some protection from the Kings in exchange for help with the community's basic needs (food, water, health services and some education). Despite the oversight from the Kings, and help from the Followers, the people in Freeside live in daily peril from each other as well as outside forces.[1]


Freeside is centered on the intersection of Las Vegas Blvd. and Fremont Street 並分為兩部分。 第一部分是C形,由該區西部,北部和東部組成。This section is the first that can be entered from the Mojave as it has both of Freeside's external gates. Several rough bodyguards stand near the gates, offering their "protection" on the mean streets for a paltry sum of caps.

Points of interest in this section 包括:

  • 老摩門要塞,the base of operations for the Followers of the Apocalypse, is just inside Freeside's North Gate.
  • 米克與拉爾夫雜貨店, which is just inside Freeside's East Gate. Ralph sells a fake passport to the strip if The King gives permission, or with a Speech skill of 50. The price is 500 caps, but a Barter skill check can be passed for a lesser price of 375 caps. Outside the store, 有小男孩「馬克斯」經常追逐小女孩「斯泰西」。the Courier can pay 1000 caps (or 20 caps with 45 Barter) for 馬克斯的 "toy gun" the Euclid's C-Finder which is a unique energy weapon that is powered by the ARCHIMEDES II satellite.
  • Cerulean Robotics, which can be found in the western part of this section.
  • A ruined store which holds an NCR food distribution center, also found in the western part of this section.
  • Freeside inhabitants have created a makeshift structure with the town name on the top of the ruined freeway.

第二部分覆蓋該區的中部和南部。This section is reached from the north by passing through a wrecked-vehicle roadblock that divides the two parts of Freeside, or from the north-west through a zone door at the back of a ruin building between the Silver Rush and the Atomic Wrangler casino, or from the south via The Strip North Gate.

Points of interest in this section include:

  • The King's School of Impersonation, home of the Kings, a gang holding a large amount of influence in Freeside.
  • The Atomic Wrangler casino, run by the Garret twins.
  • The Silver Rush, the base of operations for the Van Graff family.

Campfires can be found up by the north gate to the New Vegas Strip. When facing the gate, the fenced off area guarded by securitrons is flanked by empty lots. In each of these lots is at least one campfire.



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  • The background music is Metallic Monks, which has been originally used for Lost Hills.
  • The drunks in Freeside have a unique animation where they lean against the wall and vomit. An NCR trooper will use this animation when first entering the New Vegas Strip.
  • With an Accepted reputation, an unnamed King will appear and give the Courier either a few bottle caps or a random aid item.
  • 如果玩家的聲望是無法預料,即又做好事又做壞事,有個當地人會說米克和拉爾夫店會給予打折,只要繼續讓自由城動蕩著。
  • If the Courier kills the giant rat that the group of kids are chasing, they will eat it, using the cannibal animation. This happens even if the rat has been disintegrated with an energy weapon.
  • With a good reputation/Karma with the Kings, they will aid the Courier when under attack by local thugs.
  • In the ruins of the destroyed building across Mick & Ralph's is a uniquely named corpse "man" wearing a destroyed collar.
  • The eastern-most gate in the first section of Freeside will have one or several thugs spawn at the end of the street every four days.
  • The streets of Freeside noticeably feature a greater amount of garbage than most communities across the Mojave. This is meant to signify Freeside's poor economical and societal status.
  • Freeside was originally meant to be much larger than its appearance in the final game.[验证逾期]
  • 東門進來右手的廢棄房子里有具屍體,名字叫「漢子」。屍體上有個損壞的項圈,和你在開始進行「黑暗依舊」這個任務的起始部分,誤闖兄弟會後被安裝的項圈是很相似的。屍體旁邊有一扳手,暗示這廝企圖暴力拆解這個奪命項圈,他成功了,不過還是被電死了。


Freeside appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.


  • The telephone poles in Freeside all have metal plates with "TES-04" stamped on them. This is a reference to The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, a game by Bethesda.
  • Freeside is named as such due to the main sign losing all but the first three letters (Fremont Street), similar to Arefu, Novac, The Pitt, and the Fabulous New Vegas sign.
  • James Garcia created the 3D model of the neon sign letters.[2]
  • 南部地盤是屬於自由城大門保安隊的(貌似為貓王幫),或者就像遊戲里文件所說的「別用泰瑟槍電我,兄弟幫派」


  • Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 The two kids that can be spoken to have regular voice actors. After killing the rat, the girl or the boy (whichever is closest) will eat the rat. When talked to, they share a voice actor making the boy sound like a girl, or vice versa.[已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 Sometimes after killing the giant rat, the first boy chasing the rat will fall to his knees to take a bite but will continue to move forward at running speed despite being in a crouched position and going through the rat-eating animation.[已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 Being outside of the Vegas Strip when updating the game, but having gained access to it at another point, it is possible to be permanently locked out.[已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 Sometimes outside the Old Mormon Fort the super mutant Tabitha can spawn and go hostile; killing her results in the completion of the quest "Crazy, Crazy, Crazy" (if not having started the quest it will add the quest to the Pip-Boy and just say the final bullet point).[已验证]
  • Has platform::PCPC Achieving a certain level of reputation in Freeside makes a King's Gang Member encourage the Courier to keep up the good work and give a little present. However, sometimes those messengers keep coming in quick succession: as soon as one leaves the location, another one appears. This doesn't seem to fix over time.[已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 There is a bug where you can buy the Euclid's C-Finder gun from Max multiple times.[已验证]
  • Has platform::Playstation 3Playstation 3 The building by Mick & Ralph's sometimes glitches by standing by one of the corners and walking forward and hitting the Pip-Boy at the same time to fly all the way up the corner of the building and be above and sometime it will summon one on top of the Lucky 38.[已验证]
  • Has platform::Playstation 3Playstation 3 Sometimes the two kids will be going through the rodent chase animations but the rodent will be nowhere in sight.[已验证]
  • Has platform::PCPC After killing the giant rat for the first time, it will re-spawn a few days later, but the kids will no longer chase it. If the rat is killed, the kids will run and eat it again.[已验证]
  • Has platform::Xbox 360Xbox 360 Sometimes when fast-traveling to an area in the wasteland, the background effects of Freeside, such as dogs barking and glass bottles breaking, will be heard.[已验证]
  • Has platform::PCPC There is a bug noted elsewhere where save games do not load and the game simply hangs up. This can be triggered by spending more than a certain amount of time in Freeside. Going through transitions using autosave can often trigger this. A simple remedy is to fast travel to anywhere outside of Freeside then fast travel back to one of the Freeside gates. This is a memory leak issue that was supposedly addressed in an update, as the above Freeside sounds being heard, but still exists in the latest update.[已验证]



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