Libertalia is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


2282年,一伙义勇兵在贝克将军死后流落于此,詹姆士·怀尔和安德森等人清剿了这里的泥沼蟹,开始居住于此,he tried to enforce the Minutemen way of helping other settlers in exchange for caps and food。半年后,食物的消耗速度超过预期,侦察兵带回的食物也不够,这里的人开始挨饿。12月底,为了缓解食物危机,安德森和威廉等人擅自袭击了属于碉堡山的商队,带回了一大箱的食物与补给品,詹姆士枪决了两人。次年2月,詹姆士带人去为商队做佣兵赚钱生活,但是接二连三几次遇到对方不付钱的状况。詹姆士开始明白正义不能当饭吃,自己的人民还是会挨饿。but notes in his last terminal entry that his former leaders would be sickened by his actions and that 他再也不想回忆过去。

Libertalia eventually fell under the control of a synth named Gabriel at the start of Synth Retention.


一个由各种船只和木板等搭建出来漂浮在海上的独特地方,其中心位置是一艘倾覆的大型船只露在海面上的部分。the uppermost level - where a Master-level computer terminal guards an otherwise-inaccessible safe - is accessible via a ladder in the Captain's cabin.


  • Cooking post: On the southwestern land access to Libertalia, next to a beached ship.
  • Weapons workbench: In the middle of the map, on top of the red ship next to the disposal barge.
  • Armor workbench: On the second floor of the barracks attached to the capsized supertanker.
  • Chemistry station: One level above the armor workbench.


  • 美國機密行動手冊之7 - 在主船體上面抵達船長室前下一層,一個木棧道紅椅處。
  • 戰慄之槍 - 一把獨特的戰鬥霰彈槍,在船長室內。
  • Mini nuke - In the captain's cabin in the room to the right as the player character enters under the bottom level of a shelf. This is the same room with the ladder up to the roof.
  • 自由之地密碼 - 回收合成人任務期間從蓋比瑞拿到。用來解鎖其所在處的終端。


  • Once the Brotherhood arrives in the Commonwealth, Libertalia is one of the locations the Brotherhood attacks.
  • Before Synth Retention, a former Minuteman named Wire leads the raiders at Libertalia. The terminal in his cabin outlines progressive degeneration of his gang and their eventual decline to a raider lifestyle that would "sicken" his former leader. If the player character kills Wire and returns later, a high level raider (likely in power armor) will have taken his place if Synth Retention is not yet started. (In some cases this is almost instant, a raider veteran has spawned just as player characters have left the captain's cabin).
    • After the start of Synth Retention, Libertalia is run by a synth named Gabriel, who escaped via the Railroad and underwent a voluntary memory-wipe. He was originally known as B5-92. One can learn this information from a terminal in the Synth Retention Bureau.
  • It is hazardous for the Sole Survivor to wear power armor here as it is easy to slip off the edge or miss a platform. Since the entire area is over water, the power armor weighted Sole Survivor will go straight to the bottom, causing them to need to walk a distance so they can fast travel. Due to in-game constraints, the Sole Survivor is not allowed to exit power armor at most locations within Libertalia.
  • A raider may be equipped with a Fat Man, they will initially be seated in the chair by the U.S. Covert Operations Manual.


Libertalia appears only in Fallout 4.


自由之地(Libertalia)的名稱來自17世紀被稱為海盜烏托邦(pirate utopia),由著名海盜王亨利·埃弗里在馬達加斯加建立的同名地區。這個地方首次出現在1724年出版的海盜通史,然而現代歷史學家普遍認為這是虛構的地方。


  • After killing Wire and not fast traveling out but instead going through the captain's cabin, the replacement raider in raider power armor may immediately spawn and notice the Sole Survivor (but not interact through the two doors).[已核实]
  • Icon pc When looking at the title of the U.S. Covert Operations Manual on the table, it appears to be the "Getting the Drop on Communists" issue, but is in fact the "Bushes, Boxes, and Beehives, Camouflage Special" issue.[已核实]


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