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Vendortron is a protectron manning the Gun Runners kiosk outside of Freeside in 2281.


Vendortron is a protectron that sells weapons and ammo for the Gun Runners. 为了防止被偷被抢,它所在的房子是军火贩子在他周围直接建起来的。As such, the Vendortron and its stock are invulnerable.



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The store has five inventory tiers (the inventory is random and may not include all weapons listed below):

Finishing the Honest Hearts add-on will also make the .45 Auto pistol, .45 Auto submachine gun, war club, yao guai gauntlet, tomahawk, and fire bomb available for purchase. Similarly, after completing Lonesome Road, rockets and nails will be sold. Sometimes, however, rockets and nails can be purchased before even starting Lonesome Road.


  • Vendortron can carry most weapon mods available in the game, even while purchasing with a level 1 character.
  • It will always have all Honest Hearts and Lonesome Road mods once the player finishes the add-ons.



  • If Vendortron sells a gun, it will also have a chance of stocking the appropriate ammunition. If the ammunition appears for purchase, it will be in a large quantity (usually in a stack of 100+ of non-rare ammunition types).




服飾 武器 其他道具 死後身上
- Hand laser damageIcon damage 30
Head laser damageIcon damage 30
Energy cell
Fission battery
Scrap metal


  • 它的货物和瓶盖在周四和周日刷新
  • 它卖的所有的武器耐久都是98%
  • This is a good place for high-level players to sell their goods, as the Vendertron can have as many as 8,000 caps in its inventory at higher levels.
  • It shows no change in disposition if the guards are killed.
  • 你杀几个守卫,它也不会说什么;你把军火贩子的工厂屠了,它的货物依然会刷新
  • If the player gets into a fight with the guards, they will be unable to speak with the Vendortron until the fight ends, unless the Courier "pickpockets" the Vendortron, in which case it opens the sales dialogue and temporarily halts hostilities.
  • Like the Gun Runners in Fallout, it is one of the best sources of ammunition, armor and weapons, regardless of the player's reputations, Karma, and actions.
  • 它身后的武器只是摆设,不会出现在货物清单上;你tcl进去也拿不起来
  • 军火贩子作坊里的一个终端显示:他们在就给这个机器人改名字的事情争论不休
  • Vendortron无法分辨性别,对话的第一句是“你好,女士或先生”
  • 如果玩家在它周围扔东西,东西可能会掉进店里,然后就再也拿不出来了
  • 虽然是个机器人,但是Vendortron不免疫毒素或辐射(20%毒抗,8%辐射抗性)
  • 无论你感知多高,它永远不会出现在你的罗盘上



Behind the scenes编辑

On a terminal inside the Gun Runners factory, it is suggested that the Vendortron's name be changed from Vendortron to an actual name, "like Bob. We're not calling it Bob" which is a reference to the 2000 post-apocalyptic science fiction film Titan A.E.


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