關於the item appearing in Fallout 76 add-on, Wild Appalachia,參見backpack (Wild Appalachia)

A basic backpack, with optional carrying straps.

The back packIn-game spelling is a miscellaneous item in Fallout and Fallout Tactics.


It can be used to organize the Vault Dweller's inventory. A backpack can contain any items that total less than about 40 lbs, but cannot contain larger items like armor.

To use the backpack, right-click to get the command cursor, then left-click and hold on the backpack. Move down to the open hand icon and release to open the backpack. The player will know the backpack is open because its icon replaces their own. Drag items from either hand into the backpack, then click the icon (where your character usually is) to return to the normal inventory.

Alternately, simply drag the item over the back pack; or if in the backpack, drag the item to the icon (where the character usually is) to move it back to the main inventory.


Fallout Tactics

A single back pack can be found in the inventory of Strom during the training missions. Wearing the backpack as an armor increases the Carry Weight for 60 lbs.


  • Although combat armor shows the wearer wearing a backpack, it does not provide any of the benefits.
  • The item is displayed inconsistently in Fallout. The item title has "Back pack" but the description has "Backpack."
  • The pack can also have items taken or put into it without needing to pick it up first, by using the Steal skill on it while it lies on the ground.
  • Scripts in the original Fallout games cannot "see" items properly inside containers such as the back pack, this includes the two bags.


In Fallout, if a container is placed inside of the backpack, such as a sack or another bag, the items within may disappear.[已验证]

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