Initial Level: Starting Unarmed skill is equal to 40% + (1% x (Agility + Strength) / 2). Average characters will have a 45% in Unarmed combat.

In Fallout 2, you can learn unarmed skills from the following persons:

  • Lucas in Arroyo, near the big stone head;
  • John L. Sullivan in Klamath, retired boxer-veteran, spending his days in the Golden Gecko bar, on the west side of town.
  • Lo Pan and The Dragon in San Francisco Chinatown, both arch-rivals of each other, but both are equally skilled in unarmed attacks and they have a lot of knowledge to pass.
  • You can get a 5% increase for using the punching bags on the first level of the Sierra Army Depot.

The HtH Evade Perk gives your character some extra AC, but only if both slots are unequipped. (Unarmed-class weapons such as Spiked Knuckles or Power Fists are allowed)

The attacks are divided into two groups: primary and secondary. At any one time you will have up to four attacks available: the strongest primary punch/kick you meet the requirements for (a plain punch/kick if none), and the strongest secondary punch/kick you qualify for, if any. The secondary attacks have a higher AP cost and cause more devastating effects.

Primary Punch Attacks

Strong Punch

Requirements: Unarmed 55%, Agility 6
Damage: +3
AP: 3

Hammer Punch

Requirements: Unarmed 75%, Agility 6, Strength 5, level 6
Damage: +5
AP: 3
Critical Chance: +5%


Requirements: Unarmed 100%, Agility 7, Strength 5, level 9
Damage: +7
AP: 3
Critical Chance: +15%

Secondary Punch Attacks


Requirements: Unarmed 75%, Agility 7, Strength 5, level 5
Damage: +5
AP: 3
Critical: +5%

Palm Strike

Requirements: Unarmed 115%, Agility 7, Strength 5, level 12
Damage: +7, armor piercing
AP: 6
Critical: +15%

Piercing Strike

Requirements: Unarmed 130%, Agility 7, Strength 5, Level 16
Damage: +10, armor piercing
AP: 8
Critical: +40%

Primary Kick Attacks

Strong Kick

Requirements: Unarmed 40%, Agility 6
Damage: +5
AP: 4

Snap Kick

Requirements: Unarmed 60%, Agility 6, Level 6
Damage: +7
AP: 4

Power Kick

Requirements: Unarmed 80%, Agility 6, Strength 6, Level 9
Damage: +9
AP: 4
Critical Chance: +5%

Secondary Kick Attacks

Hip Kick

Requirements: Unarmed 60%, Agility 7, Strength 6, Level 6
Damage: +7
AP: 7

Hook Kick

Requirements: Unarmed 100%, Agility 7, Strength 6, Level 12
Damage: +9, armor piercing
AP: 7
Critical Chance: +10%

Piercing Kick

Requirements: Unarmed 125%, Agility 8, Strength 6, Level 15
Damage: +12, armor piercing
AP: 9
Critical Chance: +50%


File:Bobblehead- Unarmed.png

"When words fail, there's always fists."





In Fallout 3, it is not possible to target individual body parts in V.A.T.S. while unarmed, but the chance of head strikes increases with skill. Targeting with the crosshair outside of V.A.T.S enables the player to select body locations in an attempt to cripple and/or disarm. This makes it rather easy to kill even the more tough opponents without losing any health at all - even a low-level character can just punch a Super Mutant Brute to death, first aiming for the weapon so he drops it, and then just whacking him to death with normal attacks. Another benefit for choosing the path of a complete Unarmed character is that weapons are virtually unneeded (excluding Unarmed weapons, like Brass Knuckles or Power Fist), the player character will become rather wealthy in no time. A player should still be careful, because there is no point in saving caps if all those caps will have to be spent on buying Stimpaks, due to the harshness of hand-to-hand combat.

It's possible to knock-out an opponent even with non-critical head strikes; this should not be confused with the effects of the Paralyzing Palm perk, as it can be done without the perk, it can be done outside of V.A.T.S. and with any unarmed weapon, though the chances are greatly improved with bare hand attacks.

Entering V.A.T.S. can close some several yards of distance to a target, getting the player character past a few seconds of opponent fire. While stealth attacks are much more difficult, the tight range is a surprisingly good defensive position, even without the benefit of V.A.T.S., and many Unarmed attacks will reduce an opponent's ability to fight and defend.

It is possible to kick enemies if the player character is above them during V.A.T.S. while unarmed and attacking. If the enemy is crouched, the player character may also deliver a kick in V.A.T.S.

It should also be noted that unarmed damage will continue to rise well past the 100 skill limit. While these damage increases can be seen when viewing your unarmed weapons in the pip-boy, skill increases past 100 are not displayed. The game will, however, continue to (internally) keep track of any skills that are past 100, be it through the use of skill books, bobbleheads or other items.

Unarmed-Based Perks

Perk Requirement Level Description
Iron Fist Strength 4 4 3 ranks: +5 Unarmed damage per rank
Paralyzing Palm Unarmed 70 18 30% chance to perform a special V.A.T.S. palm strike that paralyzes your opponent for 30 seconds when unarmed