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These smoked and dried chunks of beast-flesh remain chewy-licous and even somewhat nutritious for years, and years....

Fallout 2 in-game description

Meat jerky is a type of food in Fallout 2 and Fallout Tactics.


  • The meat jerky is produced by Grisham's Slaughterhouse in Modoc and sold all over Northern California in Fallout 2.
  • Buck and Chuck Dunton make their own version of meat jerky, which they call the "world famous" Dunton meat jerky and sell it at the Dunton House. Theirs is made from old, rotten meat, flavored with spices, homemade sauce and choice boot scrapings from the pen. The Duntons' jerky is identical, in game, to other jerky found throughout Northern California.


Fallout 2编辑

Fallout Tactics编辑

Apparently it seems to heal you 2 HP by eating one of these.

Behind the scenes编辑

Buck and Chuck Duntons' comment about their meat jerky containing eleven herbs and spices and being "'finger-lickin' good"[2] is a reference to the American fast food chain, KFC, which used the same phrasing in their advertising[3][4].


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