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老奧尼爾鎮 is a run-down and derelict town in the Capital Wasteland, which is completely overrun by Deathclaws.



You can gain information on the location of Old Olney from the Nuka-Cola Factory located on one of the final terminals. Upon access you will obtain a note called the Quantum Distribution Details; your Pip-Boy 3000 will be updated with several locations, one being Old Olney. Although the grocery store which was referenced in the terminal was destroyed in the nuclear blast there is still a delivery truck crashed east of the town.


See the discussion page for tactics/tips

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  • 鎮東南方,有一輛燒得只剩半截的車,裡面有《美軍:30個噴火器使用秘訣》一本(實際就在真難吃飯館北面一點點)。.
  • 在鎮內消防隊的房門口能找到「核子可樂事故報告」,但出故障的卡車在鎮外,東東南方向,靠近一個有紅色火箭的加油站。在車內你能找5瓶量子型核子可樂以及大量的核子可樂,還有2個核子可樂自動販售機。
  • 在核子可樂卡車北面的郵箱里能找到《槍械與彈藥》一本還有來自避難所的紙條


  • A Mini Nuke can be found in the eastern most room behind the very hard locked door.
  • 下水道深處能找到「原型醫用動力盔甲」。
  • 在下水道的一條死胡同盡頭,一具骷髏旁邊能找到一本《卧倒與掩護》。
  • 在一個有4個床的屋子裡能找到一瓶量子型核子可樂,就在彈藥箱後面,那個有導彈發射器的床的旁邊。同一個屋裡,三個保險箱下面有個胖子發射器


  • 快速旅行會將你移動到老奧尼爾鎮的中心地帶,恐怕你會受到死爪們的熱烈歡迎。至少有2頭死爪在你出現的這條路上遊盪。更安全的方式是快速旅行到西邊緊挨著老奧尼爾鎮的92號避難所
  • 如果你來這裡是搜尋量子型核子可樂的,你會在鎮子南方的消防隊門口看見一具骷髏,他叫Carl Wallace,他旁邊能找到一份核子可樂事故報告,根據報告,運送可樂的卡車在鎮子東面的路上出了事故,所以不要在鎮上找了,往東走,往荒野處女奶牛場的方向走,你能找到出事故的卡車,裡面有可樂。
  • 戴夫共和國的戴夫如果輸了選舉就會走向奧尼爾老鎮。由於死爪的存在,如果沒有玩家幫忙,他在路上就必死無疑。
  • 如果戴夫真的活著進入了奧尼爾老鎮,他會在鎮子中間,一些垃圾箱和匪徒屍體旁邊的一個地方,也就是你的快速旅行點宿營。如果你和他交談,他會警告你離開新戴夫共和國。如果你連續三次和他交談,他會向你開火。殺了他會導致留在戴夫共和國的NPC與你敵對,但殺了他們不減道德。如果你用潛行模式殺了戴夫,則他們不會和你敵對。
  • 在鎮西面,沿著那條斷開的老路,如果完成了主線任務「The Waters of Life」,會出現一個英克雷營地。As you are approaching the camp, one soldier uses flamer in the trailer. After you kill one Enclave officer and two soldiers, you can see dead wastelanders in the trailer and some purified water. According to the terminal, enclave soldiers offer the wastelanders purified water in exchange of screening if they are appropriate to their human standards or not. Non-appropriate wastelanders are slain by flame not to waste any 'resources'. Also, according to the terminal enclave soldiers search for some 'feral' creatures. These creatures must be Deathclaws, since they are near the Old Olney and it is crawling with them. The terminal says, at least two deathclaws are in the trailer. But, they are nowhere to be found. (the feral they speak of is the ghoul - the Enclave is under the impression all ghouls are feral)


  • It's recommended that you not bring Fawkes or Sergeant RL-3 or at least not together, it might freeze the game.
  • If you approach the truck with the Nuka-Cola Quantums from the North, there is a chance that you will come across wastelanders fighting a Deathclaw. If you save them, they will immediately start to pillage the Nuka Cola truck. There will be no quantums or Colas, but instead empty bottles. The easiest way to fix this is to let the wastelanders die, then kill the Deathclaw and take the Cola.
  • A dead Mercenary's body lies on the doorstep of a building on the east edge of Old Olney. He possesses two Laser Rifles; one in the game world next to his corpse and one in his inventory. This is presumably a goof. On the PS3 version there is a Laser Rifle and Stimpak next to a pool of blood (also noted on Xbox 360).


Old Olney似乎取名自美國馬里蘭州的Olney,這個地方在Rockville東北方向6-7英里處,而Rockville就是Bethesda Softworks的所在地。



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