老北教堂(英文:Old North Church)是2287年位于联邦的一处建筑。




The church has a large main floor consisting of an atrium with some broken collectors and two partially collapsed balconies, both reachable by stairs at the back, or a collapsed part near the front door to the right. It also has a fairly long basement tunnel—the 18/19th century crypt beneath the church—reachable to the right of the main door.

The basement tunnel has a golden Freedom Trail seal on the wall. The phrase "The Freedom Trail - Boston" is on a turnable wheel with an arrow on the center. The arrow points to a letter and one can activate letters in a certain order to gain entrance to the Railroad (by spelling 'railroad' on the wheel) as part of the quest Road to Freedom. This will gain access to the Railroad HQ.

At the far wall of the atrium, opposite the passage leading down to the crypt, there is a small staircase with a door to the Old North Church steeple. The steeple is actually part of the exterior environment but is fully enclosed except from above; the door exits into the bottom of the steeple stairwell which can be used to reach the roof of the church.


1723年建造的老北教堂,是波士頓現存最古老的教堂。191呎高的尖塔,也使它成為全波士頓最高的教堂。在1775年4月18日的夜裡,史密斯中校率領700名英國士兵來到康科德,進行削弱叛軍武裝的任務。另一方面羅伯特·紐曼利用保羅·列維爾設計的作戰計畫,爬上這座教堂的頂端,點亮了兩盞燈,警告愛國者們紅衣兵沿著 查爾斯河In-game spelling上來了。朗斐羅根據此事寫下了名言:「陸路一盞,海路兩盞」。後來在列星頓與康科德的戰役,最終引發了美國獨立革命。



  • There is a Combination-Riddle in the tunnels. The password is to spell "railroad" with the wheel (it does not matter which way the wheel is turned).
    • While there are multiple letters in some cases (such as "R"), note that only one will be able to be "selected" by the spinning wheel. This means one must enter the same "R" (in the same location on the wheel) twice, for example.
  • 如钢铁兄弟会消灭铁路,他们将占领教堂。


The Old North Church appears only in Fallout 4.


  • 教堂內有著約翰·皮奇恩少校和威廉·希帕爾德的陵墓。皮奇恩是來自蘇格蘭的海軍成員,1775年於碉堡山的衝突中陣亡,而希帕爾德則是麻州英國殖民地的居民,1744年去世。現實中他們的陵墓皆位於老北教堂。


  • Has platform::PCPC In some cases, the game will freeze when attempting to enter certain buildings in Boston Common, including Old North Church, making the quest Road to Freedom impossible to complete. The console command coc OldNorthChurch01 will teleport the player character into Old North Church, past the entrance to The Railroad. The console command tcl must be used to go through and open the door to The Railroad properly. Exiting through the front entrance works afterwards.[已验证]
  • Has platform::PCPC Sometimes the Old North Church's front door at the end of the trail can't be accessed making it impossible to proceed. Saving/quicksaving and reloading, even directly in front of the church entrance, should restore the door to functionality. Otherwise, reload a previous save game before entering the Old North Church's general area or use the console command listed above to teleport directly inside.[已验证]



  1. 辐射4:避难所居民求生指南. 第467页: Built in 1723, the Old North Church is the oldest standing church in Boston. Its 191-foot-tall steeple also makes it the tallest church in Boston.
  2. Preston Garvey's dialogue when taken here
  3. Fallout 4 Vault Dweller's Survival Guide - Page 467: Using a plan devised by Paul Revere, Robert Newman climbed to the top of this church and lit two lanterns to alert patriots that the Redcoats were coming up the Charles River. This inspired Longfellow’s famous verse “One if by land, two if by sea.”

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