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關於the "flooded metro" world map exterior,參見淹沒地鐵站


Minuteman Metro station (Flooded Metro on the local map) is a metro station on the Blue Line in the Capital Wasteland.


The entrance to the station is near the southern border of the map, west of Arlington Library (can be reached from Nuka-Cola plant) and across the street (north) from a raider camp. This metro is mainly caved in, and is a maze of utility tunnels and shafts filled with mirelurks of all types. Heavy firepower may be necessary. It also has a very high complex of stairs leading downwards, breaking into small rooms near the beginning. Be warned that there is a shaft in the middle of this complex; resist the temptation to jump the railing, it's a long fall.


  • 當從南部進入(不是梅森區南),順著地道往右,在第一個房間有一本《槍和子彈》,就在血跡斑斑的變壓器後面,屍骨旁邊。同一地點還有.44左輪和一些彈藥。
  • 地鐵站外南門附近有個避難桶(非馬森區南),包括一本《中國軍隊:特種部隊訓練手冊》。
  • 《撬鎖速成》和《拳擊海報》在南部入口土匪營地的東南邊。還有一支量子可樂。
  • 靠近馬森區的通風管道旁,通過一個隧道往東,是一個有遙控獵槍陷阱的房間。在房間里的一個桶內找到特別版動力拳套:震懾者和說明書。房間的槍柜上有一瓶量子可樂,櫃旁邊的架子上還有兩個彈藥箱,並且在床底下還有一個「普通」鎖的保險箱。


As with any Metro station, look at a status board, and the Lone Wanderer will see all the stations in DC. The status board says this station is inactive.


The Minuteman Metro station appears only in Fallout 3.