The USAF Satellite Station Olivia is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287. It is located between Sanctuary Hills and Tenpines Bluff.


USAF Satellite Station Olivia was a USAF operated listening station that intercepted and decoded Chinese communications. It became exceptionally busy in the period before the Great War, with increased signal traffic being intercepted.[1] After the War, a group of raiders led by Ack-Ack moved into the facility to loot it.[2]


The surface of the installation consists of two wooden shacks, with minimal furniture and loot and the satellite dish. There is also an elevated room containing a footlocker, a table and other random objects. In the mole rat nest just outside the fence to the east, one of the mole rats usually has mines attached to it, capable of dealing substantial damage if it gets close. This mole rat makes ticking time bomb noises (like super mutant suiciders). The mole rats are close enough to the installation that they frequently enter to engage the raiders.

The concrete main building contains an armor workbench and the entrance to the much larger subterranean level of the installation. The installation is home to a group of six raiders led by the minigun-wielding Ack-Ack and contains a significant amount of loot.



  • Learning Curve - This is one of the locations where one needs to escort a scribe of the Brotherhood.
  • 報答恩情 - 這裡是瑪麗被奪走的相框鍊所在地。
  • Raider Troubles - Once Returning the Favor has been completed, troublesome raiders might take refuge at this location between two attacks on the Commonwealth settlers.


The USAF Satellite Station Olivia only appears in Fallout 4.



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