The last President of the United States was the last U.S. president in office before the Great War in 2077.


The last president assumed the presidency by the start of 2077. Most of the information known about him comes from secondhand accounts by the Appalachian Enclave and the Boston Bugle.

At some point before the War, he was organizing a summit involving political and industrial leaders from the Appalachia Territory to discuss their success in automating local industry and businesses and how these efforts could be replicated across the nation.[3]

In 2077, he disbanded the White House press corps and abandoned the White House, relocating to Control Station ENCLAVE roughly six months before the war.[2][Non-game 1] This was because, before or during his presidency, he joined the Enclave, a secret shadow government of high ranking government officials, military officers and powerful corporate interests.[4][2] While the president went into hiding, his Cabinet remained in Washington, and the Cabinet Nuclear Alarm system set up in case of a required evacuation from a nuclear war. However, the system was tampered with, and most of the Cabinet members were removed. The Secretaries of the Interior and Treasury went to the Whitespring bunker alongside Secretary of Agriculture Thomas Eckhart, while the president remained on the Enclave oil rig.[5] On the day of the Great War, at 9:26 in the morning, his executive code was authenticated and used in response to detected Chinese ICBMs.[6]

Presidential appointments

  • Last Cabinet of the United States[5]
    • Vice President
    • Secretary of State
    • Secretary of the Treasury
    • Secretary of Defense[3]
    • Attorney General
    • Secretary of the Interior
    • Secretary of Agriculture - Thomas Eckhart
    • Secretary of Commerce
    • Secretary of Energy[7]
    • Postmaster General[8]
  • White House spokesman - Warren Eccleston (possibly, see notes for further information)


  • His executive codename was "Bagman."[9][10]
  • The last president's exact ascension to the presidency is unclear. According to the Sierra Depot GNN transcript, a president was impeached in February 2075, and in March 2076, his successor ordered the Pacific division of the United States Navy to a Poseidon Oil rig, citing concerns over Chinese military presence being close to American oil reserves. However, the transcript contains several lore inaccuracies and is a generally unreliable source.[11] Barring any changes to the election schedule, a presidential election would have been held in 2076, meaning that a president would have been inaugurated in 2077. However, it is not known if this president was re-elected or began serving his first term with this inauguration.
    • White House spokesman Warren Eccleston stated on January 11, 2077, that the president had to downgrade his nightly dinner from prime rib to cube steak, and drink "detestable" Chateau Montrose 2043 wine due to rationing.[12] However, the last President of the United States would not have been in office on this date, unless he had been serving as president in the previous presidential term.


The last president of the United States is mentioned in Fallout 2, Fallout 3, Fallout 4, Fallout 76 and its update Wastelanders,[13] and within the Fallout Bible.



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