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The RobCo sales & service center is a location in the Commonwealth in 2287.


The building's front entrance is not far from Boston Airport, and upon entering, it appears as a showroom for a number of RobCo-brand terminals, most of which have been destroyed. A service desk stands in front of the north wall, next to which is a doorway marked with an "employees only" sign, with a laser tripwire just beyond.

Following the corridor leads to a basement area containing an expert-locked door leading outside, although the key is on top of a filing cabinet right next to it. On the opposite wall is a "strange device" which can only be activated during the quest Restoring Order, and opens an elaborate doorway leading to the Mechanist's lair.


  • 羅科銷售服務中心鑰匙 - 在銷售中心後門旁邊的文件櫃上。
  • 工作命令 09-241 - 地下室一台壞掉終端的旁邊。
  • 眼球機模型 - on a cabinet in the first locked room after the strange device.
  • 巧手先生模型 - 在機器人工作台右邊的房間桌上。
  • 總工程師的全像卡帶 - 同上。
  • 一日遊 - on the second desk after ascending the stairs near the robot workbench.
  • 完好保存的派 - in the Eat-O-Tronic in the assembly line room.
  • 總務部長的全像卡帶 - 在設備管理終端機旁邊。
  • 機器人零件模型 x2 - One can be found in a locker in the flooded corridor - there is a parts warehouse sign in the room. 第二個在庫存區,就是用終端解鎖裡面擺滿彈藥制服的地方。
  • 打手先生模型沒收終端機密碼 - 通過研究區後到達一個小區域,櫃台內側。(參考機械大師巢穴地圖)


The interior of the Robco sales & service center and the Mechanist's lair share the same interior cell.


The RobCo sales & service center appears only in the Fallout 4 add-on Automatron.

Behind the scenes

The "RB-2851 SECURITY PROTOCOL 087 / Epsilon-VI Security Alert" appears to be a subtle reference to the RoboCop movie.


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