Research Assistant[1] Robert Anderson was a soldier and the chief scientist at the Mariposa Military Base, and was the head of the Forced Evolutionary Virus human testing.


In January 2077, the FEV project was moved from West Tek to Mariposa and tested on human subjects. The vats were giant tanks filled with liquid FEV. As part of the research project, human subjects were dipped inside them and then examined to learn how to control and harness the process. The experiments on humans were kept secret even from colonel Robert Spindel and his soldiers, who were to monitor the FEV experiments.

On October 10, Spindel's soldiers discovered to their horror, that the scientists at Mariposa were using military prisoners as test subjects in their experiments with the Forced Evolutionary Virus. Morale in the base dwindled, and Spindel suffered a mental breakdown, eventually committing suicide 5 days later. Roger Maxson, Spindel's second-in-command, assumed leadership.

Maxson captured Anderson and interrogated him, learning about the extent of his crew's actions. Anderson said that his orders came from the government, but Maxson did not believe him. He started screaming about how he was following orders, how he was a military man, but Maxson shot him, and the executions of the other scientists soon followed.[2]


One of the logs in the Vats control computer in Mariposa Military Base bears Anderson's name, but his file has been corrupted and cannot be read.


Robert Anderson is mentioned in Fallout, Fallout 3 and the Fallout Bible.


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