Our main camp is up in Red Rock Canyon, but we don't allow just anyone to come on in. The NCR can't touch us there - too many places for us to ambush them. We see their scouts poking around once in awhile, but they keep their distance.Melissa, a member of the Great Khans.



Pre-War, Red Rock Canyon was a popular tourist attraction preserved by the Southwest Commonwealth. Remnants of Pre-War campsites and ancient petroglyphs still dot the area even though it has been completely dominated by the Great Khans. The Great Khans have their camps and outposts spread throughout the area, but most are in one area near the red rocks. The Great Khans relocated here after the Bitter Springs Massacre, where the NCR killed a large number of non-combatants.

Today, the Great Khans while away their time, dreaming of past glories while resorting to petty drug dealing and battles by proxy (the Fiends) with the NCR.[1]


While the canyon has three entrances, it is most accessible from the east. Follow the road west from Whittaker Farmstead, or Poseidon gas station. The widest entrance can be found heading north from Spring Mt. Ranch State Park.

Red Rock Canyon consists of several gers, or yurts, surrounding a central arena where the Great Khans perform their indoctrination rituals. There is also a longhouse where Papa Khan, leader of the Great Khans, holds court.

To the northwest is a steep pass, starting from a small pond of clean water, that leads past a cazador nest swarming with cazadores to the Remnants bunker.

Slightly to the northwest is the Red Rock Drug Lab, where the Great Khans Jack and Diane manufacture and sell drugs.



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  • 布恩在隊伍里,大汗幫可能轉為敵對。
  • Sometimes a cazador will spawn in the initiation circle, it will attack and most likely kill the nearest Great Khan.
  • While the western exit from the canyon may seem a one-way road due to the sheer drop on the Red Rock Canyon side, it is possible to bypass the drop and leave the canyon that way. Near the mouth of the other (southern) canyon entrance, there is a ridge that will end above a point just on the other side of the drop. This ridge is easily traversable. The drop beyond that is a little more difficult, however, and may require some work. There are also several cazadores lurking just above this area.






  • Has platform::Xbox 360Icon xbox360.png Papa Khan may leave the door to his room open but the player character can still lockpick it. [已核实]
  • Has platform::Playstation 3Icon ps3.png Red Rock Canyon may not appear as a found location on the Pip-Boy map at all. To fix this you must travel to a nearby place using fast travel and then head back to Red Rock Canyon. [已核实]
  • Has platform::Playstation 3Icon ps3.png If you enter the outhouse in Red Rock Canyon, the game may not allow you to exit the outhouse and force you to load a previous save file. [已核实]



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