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Well, thanks for taking a chance on a naive young girl from California with stars in her eyes and a pneumatic gauntlet on her hand.

Veronica Renata Santangelo (born 2254) is a Brotherhood of Steel scribe found at the 188 trading post in 2281.


With regret comes a girl... smiling sad, brown robe, name Veronica, half here. Wraps her and her heart up like a pack, in the pack, a key, some say. Forecast: Cloudy, with a chance of friendship.

The Forecaster

維羅尼卡是钢铁兄弟会职业學士,现正作为"采购专员"被无限期外派,负责冒险离开兄弟会地堡寻获那些他们无法自製的资源,例如食物。Irritated by what she sees as the Brotherhood』s unrealistic and uninformed views of themselves and the world, Veronica is a perpetual outsider caught between her loyalty to the Brotherhood and troubling doubts about the validity of their current course.

維羅尼卡生於兄弟会,长在兄弟会,父亲是圣骑士,母亲是學士。当她还小的时候,便与组织的另一位成员堕入爱河。然而,她们的关系并未维持下去。伊利亞長老不赞成同性关系,因为兄弟会与外界隔离,他们认为其中的每个人都有生育的责任。Later in dialogue, she laments that both of her parents were killed in the same battle defending a position whose name and significance she no longer remembers, saying, "Guess it seemed important at the time.

在跟随兄弟会从加利福尼亚来到莫哈韦废土之后,維羅尼卡开始对他们的目标感到失望。她的导师,也就是伊利亞长老,变得反复无常,渐渐因利益而着迷于科技。維羅尼卡很快意识到其他长老也同样如此,他们收集科技而不是用科技来帮助废土之中的人们。but after he abandoned the Brotherhood following their defeat at HELIOS One, his successor, Nolan McNamara, upped stakes and holed up in the Hidden Valley bunker, dispatching scouts only to assess the threat posed by the NCR. She felt that McNamara was too much of an isolationist, and by hiding away and hoarding technology instead of using it to win favor with the people of the Wasteland and attract new recruits, he was just going to "wait in a hole for everyone else to die."

維羅尼卡意识到要想拯救兄弟会,他们必须要做出改變。她开始宣传她的信仰,质疑兄弟会的目标。为了让她离开并阻止她继续散播异端思想,首席學士将她送上了去废土的旅程,名义上是收集资源,实际上这些旅程却变得越来越长。 It is on such an excursion that her fateful meeting with the Courier occurs.



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  • Beyond the Beef: The player character can offer Veronica to Mortimer as a substitute for Ted Gunderson for the banquet.
  • I Could Make You Care: 維羅尼卡会要求玩家帶她去隱密山谷与长老会面,在那裏她将试图说服长老兄弟会需要改变和发展。之後維羅尼卡会要求玩家帮助她找到一些数据或者科技以说服长老。
    • 如果維羅尼卡选择离开,信使就要前往天启追随者前哨站Alvarez对话关于維羅尼卡加入天啟追隨者的事,她會说必须由Dr. Shiller做决定,而他今天外出了。24小时后再次回到前哨站,玩家会发现那支圣骑士巡逻队正在屠杀追随者和伤员,維羅尼卡會因此而自责。之後,她會得到Causeless Rebel专长,增加30%肉搏战攻速。
    • 如果她選擇留下,任務結束而她會獲得Bonds of Steel专长,增加她4点DT防御能力。
  • You Make Me Feel Like a Woman: 維羅尼卡长久以来一直有一个穿裙子的梦想,如果給她一件formal wear或者 White Glove Society attire 的话,她会很高兴,答谢你并教给你一招Scribe Counter。The attire can be removed from her inventory without penalty after obtaining the Scribe Counter.


  • If the Courier talks negatively about the Brotherhood when first conversing with Veronica, she will refuse to join up as a companion, and further attempts to talk to her will yield only one dialogue option: "Goodbye."
  • 如果在遇见維羅尼卡之前破坏了隱密山谷,在交談時告訴她,得知後會非常震驚,並且會攻擊玩家。 
  • Becoming Vilified with the Brotherhood of Steel causes Veronica to quit as a companion. However, it seems that even with a reputation as low as Merciful Thug, she will happily continue as a companion. It should be noted that she will remain a companion upon destruction of the Hidden Valley bunker, although she warns that it is the Courier's last chance, similar to what happens with Craig Boone after working too closely with the Legion, or Rose of Sharon Cassidy after gaining negative Karma with her as a companion. Destroying the Brotherhood of Steel by activating the bunker's self-destruction option will drop the reputation to Vilified, making Veronica leave the party even if she chose to leave the Brotherhood in her companion quest. Killing all the Brotherhood members without activating the self-destruction option is much less likely to make this happen, as it results in little to no loss of reputation. It is also possible for her to stay as a companion should the Courier complete all Brotherhood of Steel faction quests in their favor, make her leave the Brotherhood, and destroy them without killing any members.
  • 維羅尼卡可以令你被隱密山谷更友善地接待。没有她,你会被兄弟会扒光衣服。
  • Completing her companion quest in favor of the Followers of the Apocalypse causes Veronica not to enter the Brotherhood bunker anymore. As a companion, she will always wait outside the entrance.
  • Equipping NCR faction armor while Veronica is a companion may lead her to issue her "last chance" warning.

Other interactions编辑

Giving Veronica the following dress-type items:

may complete the quest You Make Me Feel Like a Woman (See the quest for full details and bugs) and will make her say one of the following lines randomly:

  • "Aw, you shouldn't have. It's just my taste. Thank you."
  • "Hey, a dress! Thank you! I'm totally trying this on later."
  • "<Gasps!> For me? Do you mean it? No, no it's too much. Well Okay. But it's too much. It's perfect. Thank you. Thank you."
  • "I wish I had something I could give you. I-Wait! What about punching? That's the gift that keeps on giving."


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Dead Money编辑

After completion of Dead Money, the Courier can retrieve Elijah's holomessage from his console in the abandoned Brotherhood of Steel bunker and give it to Veronica, but only after exhausting all of Veronica's dialogue options regarding Father Elijah. In the same conversation, the Courier can choose to keep the holotape's knowledge instead, gaining the Elijah's Ramblings perk. Giving Veronica the message will give her the Elijah's Last Words perk.


服飾 武器 其他道具 死後身上
Veronica's hood
Veronica's armored robes
Veronica's power fist
Veronica's 10mm pistol
Random food, miscellaneous items or ammo. -


  • Veronica is openly homosexual. 你可以用一个对话选项询问她是否恋爱过。她会告诉主角她曾经爱上一个兄弟会的女孩,不过因为对方父母的阻挠以及伊利亞長老的命令而分开了,對方也因此離開兄弟會。 When a male character discussing follower tactics asks her to stay close, she makes the comment "This is as close as I get until you turn into a leggy brunette." Likewise, if a female courier tells her to stay close to her, she will say, "Hey now, you're going to have to buy me dinner first."
  • Veronica receives a fair amount of commentary from non-player characters, and can be seen talking (though there is no audio dialogue) with non-player characters from all non-hostile factions.
    • Both male and female characters from non-hostile factions will comment on Veronica's attractiveness, particularly Powder Gangers, Great Khans, the Kings, and even female Fiends.
  • Veronica and Melissa Watkins seem to have a form of rivalry with each other, as they exchange snide comments when encountering each other.
  • 維羅尼卡能穿动力甲,不过必须是无势力或者兄弟会势力的。 
  • Veronica seems to be shy about showing her hair, as she is always wearing her hood when no other headgear is provided. Apprentice Watkins will even comment on this when walking through the VR Simulation area of the bunker. Veronica will first say, "I almost don't notice your lazy eye any more, Watkins," to which Watkins will retort, "I see you're still hiding your hair."
  • Gametitle-FNV LR Veronica will wear a breathing mask if one is given to her, which gives a full view of her hair. Likewise, Veronica will wear Ulysses' mask, which also gives a full view of her hair.
  • Even though Veronica strongly prefers unarmed combat, she is adept with Energy Weapons.
  • Veronica will not equip the industrial hand despite the fact that it has the highest DPS of all Unarmed weapons. This is because the industrial hand is marked as a player-only weapon.
  • Veronica will still "open" the door to the bunker when visiting it with her for the first time even if the player has already gained access by dealing with the NCR Ranger, leading to a rather amusing situation where Veronica asks the intercom to unlock an already opened door.
  • To complete the Mr. House or Caesar's Legion main quest lines, it will be necessary to destroy the Brotherhood of Steel bunker in Hidden Valley, which will usually break Veronica's reputation threshold. If she quits as a companion, she will not return any gear she is carrying or using.
    • It is possible to complete either the Mr. House or Caesar's Legion main quest lines and not have Veronica turn hostile by first making Veronica inactive (sending her to the Lucky 38) and then stealthily killing every single Brotherhood member in the bunker. Avoiding Vilified reputation while completing the quest will enable Veronica to remain a permanent companion.
    • Alternatively, completing the quests Pistol Packing, Still in the Dark (favoring McNamara), and Eyesight to the Blind for the Brotherhood will earn enough positive favor with them that activating the bunker self-destruct will only drop reputation to Soft-Hearted Devil, after which Veronica will stay.
  • When talking to Veronica about the Brotherhood and its past disagreements between its members on using their technology to protect Wastelanders, she will mention that "one chapter had a small civil war over it," referring to the conflict between the Brotherhood of Steel and the Brotherhood Outcasts in the Capital Wasteland.
  • If she is low on health, she will comment on how she would rather have been an actress. She will also ask to be buried in a dress, showing her fondness for dresses even further.
  • Doing all of the Brotherhood's quests before recruiting Veronica makes it impossible for her to get either of her own perks. As a result, her ending will not show once the game is finished.
  • Asking The Forecaster about "Here" will lead him to say (about Veronica) "... the forecast: cloudy, with a chance of Friendship."
  • Being a Brotherhood Paladin gives no extra dialogue when first meeting Veronica.
  • Apparently, Veronica likes Fancy Lads Snack Cakes, as she sometimes says she wants a lifetime supply of them.
  • Being caught pickpocketing Elder McNamara with Veronica in tow will lead her to kill any and all hostile characters. Although this does not cause loss of Karma or Brotherhood reputation, they will remain hostile indefinitely, making quests unavailable.
  • Like ED-E, Veronica will not die, regardless of any difficulty, unless the Brotherhood of Steel quests have started.

Notable quotes编辑

  • "Yes! Finally. Everything's coming up Veronica."
  • "Probably die of natural causes eventually anyway."
  • "Holy hell, that's a lot of energy weapons. Guess we dropped the ball on that one."
  • "Hey, you try getting a date wearing Scribe robes. Might as well be wearing sweatpants."
  • "You know, I've been thinking. The real problem with the Brotherhood is that we isolate ourselves. Our training is top-notch, our technology gives us an advantage, but when it all comes down to it, we're losing because we shun the outside world. We always make enemies, never allies. We refuse to recruit outsiders, or see the value in their simpler technologies."
  • "But... you don't have a "this is good news" expression on your face."
  • "He was dead when I got there."
  • "Look at the Followers of the Apocalypse. They use their expertise to improve people's lives. They train them to be self-sufficient. That expertise cultivates respect and gratitude. Spreads their ideals. Draws talent to their cause. They make friends like we make enemies. But they don't know a fraction of what we know. If we took on their role, we could stand up to anyone. We wouldn't have to hide."
  • "What'd you think of Mr. House? I was surprised he only had the two robot sex slaves."
  • "Wow. I've got to admit, you have completely defied my first impression of you. Eye lasers. I'll be sure and look out for that next time."
  • "A lifetime supply of Fancy Lads Snack Cakes, revenge against my enemies, and world peace. In that order."
  • "Do me a favor. Make sure they bury me in a nice dress."
  • "This better not be about the meaning of life."
  • "Ooo, do I get a prize if I answer right?"
  • "It doesn't matter. He died when we all retreated to Hidden Valley. I didn't expect to see him again, no one did."
  • "That was... that was hard to watch. The parts I understood? Didn't matter. Past all the garbage, all it amounted to was goodbye."


Veronica Santangelo appears only in Fallout: New Vegas.

Behind the scenes编辑

  • If asked about her personal life, she might mention "I was young and needed the money." This quote is similar to when the Chosen One (as a Porn Star) says to Ethyl Wright: "Look, I was young and needed the money."


  • Icon pc Icon ps3 Icon xbox360 If you equip Brotherhood of Steel power armor inside Hidden Valley while Veronica is a follower, even if you are a "member" of the Brotherhood, she will react as if you have killed Brotherhood members, then repeatedly keep talking to you and saying "What?", every 3–8 seconds. Restarting your PC or console solves the problem. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
  • Icon pc Icon ps3 Icon xbox360 After giving Veronica formal wear or White Glove Society attire, she may thank you and say she'll teach you an unarmed move, and the screen will fade out and in, but the perk won't be added. According to the GECK, the object that does the timing for the fade out/in when she teaches the player the move is shared with the nine triggers used to start I Could Make You Care. The script for giving the move doesn't fully reset the object, so if any of the nine triggers have activated, she will no longer be able to give the perk. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
  • Icon pc Icon ps3 Icon xbox360 At Hidden Valley, she may glitch and stay at the intercom and the door to the bunker will become locked. In the PC version, the following commands can be used to fix this glitch: prid 000e32a9 then SayTo player HVVeronicaEnter. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
  • Icon pc Sometimes she will randomly stop following the player after accessing her inventory. In the PC version, the following commands can be used to fix this glitch: prid 000e32a9, resurrect 1, disable, finally followed by enable. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
  • Icon pc Icon ps3 Icon xbox360 After completing I Could Make You Care, she may stop following, but can still be interacted with. The compass will have an extra quest arrow pointing at Gibson's Shack even though the quest has been completed and the map won't have a marker on the location. She won't follow the player except for through certain loading doorways, upon which she will immediately initiate direct conversation. She won't move from this spot, or attack any enemies. Even upon removing her as a companion and returning to the 188 trading post and re-enlisting her, she will still not move. This possibly has to do with the ending fight of her quest. You can also make her appear in Gibson's Shack if you use the terminal to download the research notes. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
    • Icon pc Icon ps3 Icon xbox360 Going to Gibson's Shack, Veronica will instantly appear when you enter. Use the computer and download the notes again. Walk outside and talk to her in normal dialogue, tell her again what tech you will go for, and end the conversation. This seems to reset her and she will start to follow you as normal.
  • Icon pc Icon xbox360 When you try to give Veronica a dress, she will sometimes act like you haven't given her the dress. A possible way to fix the bug is to have Veronica with you when you sit down and stand up from any chair. You may need to access her inventory after you stand up. She will then act like you have just given her the dress and will teach you the Scribe Counter unarmed move, even if you have already taken the dress out of her inventory earlier. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
  • Icon ps3 Icon xbox360 If you don't ask her to join during your first conversation with her, it is possible that the dialogue option for her to join never appears after that. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
  • Icon ps3 Icon xbox360 Veronica can occasionally become stuck at the Silver Rush in front of the gun supply after she activates one of the triggers for her quest. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
  • Icon ps3 Icon xbox360 When exploring the underwater levels of Vault 11, Veronica may get stuck and will permanently disappear for the rest of the game. To avoid this, tell Veronica to wait before exploring the underwater levels. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
  • Icon pc Sometimes, taking Veronica into the REPCONN test site offices level during the Come Fly With Me quest will cause Jason Bright to appear as hostile upon entry, and cause her to attack him without provocation. Telling her to wait outside the office entrance prevents this. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
  • Icon ps3 When paying Dawes the caps to enter the NCR Correctional Facility, she will randomly attack Dawes when you get in, but the Powder Gangers will not be hostile. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
  • Icon ps3 Sometimes, she will become trapped behind the first door (with a Very Hard lock) in Hidden Valley, rendering her unusable until the door can be locked. It will also prevent you for initiating dialogue with her, so you cannot use her to unlock the door. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
  • Icon ps3 When the player buys Euclid's C-Finder from Max at Freeside while with Veronica, it might automatically activate the quest I Could Make You Care but leave it in a glitched state where it can't be completed. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
  • Icon ps3 Icon xbox360 When initiating conversation via the companion wheel, Veronica will have two mouths; a regular mouth that remains stationary and a "ghost" mouth that will speak over the stationary mouth, while both are still visible. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
  • Icon xbox360 While in hardcore mode, Veronica can be of some use. A glitch can occur where she can carry infinite pounds of weight. This has worked with lighter objects like missiles or Nuka-Cola's when placed one at a time, but it doesn't seem to work if she is already over-encumbered. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
  • Icon xbox360 Veronica stops using her default power fist and equips a combat knife instead. Neither the power fist nor the combat knife shows up in her inventory, and giving her stronger melee weapons will not force her to switch. When waiting at the Lucky 38, she will walk around with her default power fist, however as soon as you tell her to follow you, she will switch back to the combat knife. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
  • Icon xbox360 After destroying the Brotherhood bunker, Veronica will say how it is your last chance. After this, she will continuously engage conversation with you and you have to dismiss her to the Lucky 38. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
    • NOTE: This will sometimes continue even if you revert to a previous save (prior to the destruction of the bunker)
  • Icon xbox360 Icon ps3 After fast traveling to a location, she will occasionally start running away as quick as she can for no reason. To correct this either enter a building (That makes your game load a new area),fast travel to another location, or wait for her to turn around. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
  • Icon xbox360 Sometimes when given a ballistic fist, Veronica will later start using her default pneumatic gauntlet and the ballistic fist will have disappeared from her inventory. At a later time, it is possible to recover the "lost" weapon which has spontaneously swapped to your inventory and become invisible. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
  • Icon xbox360 After giving Veronica her formal wear or White Glove Society dress, you may lose the option to tell her to go to the Lucky 38. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
  • Icon xbox360 Sometimes, when equipping Brotherhood power armor even outside of Hidden Valley, Veronica will become angered and accuse you of fighting the Brotherhood. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
  • Icon xbox360 If you add lobotomite goggles to Veronica's inventory, she will remove her hood and not put the goggles on at all. She will still wear glasses and other head wear, however. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
  • Icon xbox360 If you give Veronica either the Valence radii-accentuator or the Atomic-valence tri-radii-oscillator she will appear bald, losing her hair texture.
  • Icon xbox360 Sometimes, Veronica's equipped weapon will disappear from her inventory when she is dismissed from your party. There is no way to get it back. This can be avoided by taking weapons from her before dismissing her. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
  • Icon ps3 Icon xbox360 When giving her an unarmed weapon, the "wrist" part may disappear, leaving only the part covering the hand visible. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
  • Icon pc Icon ps3 Icon xbox360 If Lily and ED-E are followers she sometimes may act as a third follower after asking her to join. This applies to other human companions as well. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
  • Icon pc Icon ps3 Icon xbox360 Note that using the glitch above and then loading Old World Blues will cause her to follow you to Big MT. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符
  • Icon pc Icon xbox360 Sometimes, after leaving combat via fast travel, Veronica will still be in combat mode even when no enemies are around, rendering her unable to speak to you anymore. You can fix this by reentering combat.表达式错误:未预料的<操作符

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