Green Country Lodge is a location in Appalachia in 2102.


A small motel on the outskirts of Flatwoods, the Lodge was situated just off the road and near the bus stop that led into the town, offering accommodations for weary travelers. Abandoned in the wake of the War, it has slowly fallen into disuse over the past 25 years, though salvageable materials can still be found in its derelict rooms.


Many of the rooms at the lodge are boarded up, but one motel room upstairs, the workout room and the front desk can still be accessed. A leather left arm sits on a bed inside the motel room, and a first aid box can be found on a shelf in the bathroom. The front desk has little of note aside from a cash register with pre-War money inside, but the workout room holds a number of weights and a holotape. Outside the lodge, there is an irradiated pool with a skeleton holding a bottle in its hand resting on a pool float.



Green Country Lodge appears only in Fallout 76.


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