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Doc Mitchell 是一個在2281年居住在甘泉鎮的醫生。




信使被Benny襲擊并埋在墓地后, 維克多將其帶到米契爾醫生的家裡并接受了他的治療并成功生存。



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  • 是誰開槍射我的頭:醫生會將在玩家腦袋裡的子彈給拿出來,他會問你叫什麼名字然後會對你進行一連串的測驗。這些的測驗也有建造角色的作用。
  • 鬼鎮槍戰:米契爾醫生為了保衛甘泉鎮會給玩家兩個止痛針或是醫療包來抵抗炸藥幫的攻擊。
  • 甘泉鎮趴趴走:如果你的醫療技能夠高,你可以欺騙米契爾醫生給你止痛針再提供給炸藥幫。


  • 當玩家被維克多給發現並帶到米契爾醫生的家裡後醫生會給你一個機器讓玩家來設定性別、種族和長相等設定。然後他會給玩家一項武器(會取決玩家的天賦技能(skill))、21號避難所制服(Vault 21 jumpsuit)以及他的嗶嗶小子3000。如果玩家擁有預購包or the Courier's Stash的話,會得到額外的裝備和武器,然而這些裝備和武器在未獲得嗶嗶小子3000之前是不能夠被使用的。
  • 在離開米契爾醫生的家之前若玩家的口才技能達30的話還可以獲得3個止痛針。An additional Medicine check (30) can be completed after using the Today's Physician on one of his tables, followed by another Speech check (30), again this must be done before leaving the house the first time. All three skill checks reward 30 XP for a total of 90 XP. Similarly, with attribute builds that start both Speech and Medicine above 30 (e.g. Int 10, Chr 10, Luck 7), Medicine can be temporarily lowered by drinking alcohol (e.g. from Mitchell's refrigerator) to temporarily lower it below 30 and enable passing all three checks.

Vit-o-matic comments编辑

Mitchell's dialogue is influenced by the Courier's choice of S.P.E.C.I.A.L. attributes.

Attribute Extreme Comment
Strength Low "That's some serious atrophy, even for someone who's been in bed awhile. It's a wonder you can move at all."
High "Surprised anybody'd want to tangle with you. Heck, you could go deathclaw hunting with a switch."
Perception Low "Now I ain't no optometrist, but maybe we should fit you for some glasses while you're here."
High "Nothing gets by you, huh? Coulda used you when I lost my keys last month."
Endurance Low "I just don't get it. A stiff breeze'd tear you in two but a couple of bullets and you're right as rain."
High "I guess that explains how you're still alive. You're built solid as an oak."
Charisma Low "Huh. Must be some frontal lobe damage."
High "Good to see them bullets didn't affect your charm none."
Intelligence Low "Sorry, son/little lady. I fixed up your head as best I knew how. I guess I missed a spot."
High "Look at that. Maybe them bullets done your brain some good."
Agility Low "Don't have all your coordination back yet, looks like. You should think about doing some rehab."
High "Most patients don't get out of bed after being shot and then move like they was in perfect control. You're unusual, I'll say that."
Luck Low "Now that don't make a lick of sense. Seems to me you're the luckiest son-of-a-gun in New Vegas."
High "With Luck like yours I'm surprised them bullets didn't just turn right around and climb back into the gun."
All None "Yep, that's a pretty standard score there. But after what you been through, I'd say that's great news."

He will only comment on one attribute, and only the one at the largest extreme. For example if the highest attribute is Strength at 8 and the lowest is Charisma at 1, he will comment on lacking Charisma. With several attributes at extreme, he will still only comment on one of them. For example, with Strength and Intelligence at 10, he will comment on the latter.


服飾 武器 其他道具 死後身上
Field hand outfit Laser pistol* Bottle cap
* Only during Run Goodsprings Run.


  • If in the word test "human shield" is picked as an answer, Doc Mitchell will mention how disturbing the answers are.
  • If in the word test "campfire" is picked as an answer, the next word will be "enemy" instead of "bandit".
  • None of the items in his home are flagged as being owned, nor will he care about having something taken from in front of him.
  • Mitchell will mention a female Courier is about the same size as his late wife when giving the Vault jumpsuit.
  • One of his ink blots bears a remarkable resemblance of two bears high-fiving. This has its own homage as seen in Honest Hearts with the Two-Bears-High-Fiving Wild Wasteland occurrence.
  • In The Strip's Vault 21, Sarah explains that Doc Mitchell's old nickname was "Mole-Butt", though it does not have any effect on his dialogue options.
  • When Doc Mitchell says he knows what it means to lose something, he is talking about losing Vault 21 to Mr. House rather than about losing his wife.[1]

Notable quotes编辑

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Doc Mitchell appears only in Fallout: New Vegas and is mentioned in the add-on Old World Blues.[2]


pcIcon pc Doc Mitchell will not fix radiation poisoning if you select any other fix after that choice, until you exit out of dialogue with him. 表达式错误:未预料的<操作符



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